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Washington and the IT Industry


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Washington and the IT Industry

  1. 1. + Washington and the IT Industry ChannelCon July 2013
  2. 2. + Congressional Landscape 113th Congress
  3. 3. + Congressional Gridlock  The House remains strongly conservative.  The Senate Democrats may have a 10 seat majority, but do not have the 60 votes necessary to beat a filibuster.  White House role and influence in second term is limited.  460 days to midterm elections.
  4. 4. + Policy Issues Impacting the IT Industry  Tax Reform – last major reform: 1986  Immigration Reform – last major reform: 1986  Patent Reform – last major reform: 2011*  Cybersecurity – last major reform: 2002
  5. 5. + Tax Reform  House and Senate committed to comprehensive tax reform.  Impact to IT Industry: Major tax provisions important to the IT industry are on the table.
  6. 6. + Immigration Reform  The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  The House has introduced several individual immigration-related bills that will be passed in the Fall, choosing a piecemeal approach.  Impact to IT Industry: High-tech immigration proposals seeking to close the skills gap remain in play in both the House and Senate proposals.
  7. 7. + Cybersecurity  Cybersecurity is a priority of both the House and Senate.  The two chambers have introduced numerous pieces of cyber-related legislation.  The White House issued a cybersecurity Executive Order in February.  Impact to IT Industry: Provisions addressing cyber workforce, data breach and notification, and data security are being debated throughout the numerous legislative proposals.
  8. 8. + Patent Reform  White House issued a series of Executive Orders and made legislative recommendations related to patent reform and patent litigation.  In the House and Senate, roughly ten different pieces of legislation have been introduced.  Impact to IT Industry: Small and medium sized businesses continue to be vulnerable to patent litigation; patent reform is the only opportunity to address these vulnerabilities.
  9. 9. + DC Engagement Why It Is Important to Engage in Washington
  10. 10. + Why Engage  The issues facing Congress will have a significant impact on your business and your voice is needed.  As members of the small business IT sector, you are in a position to deliver a unique message to Congress that supports your priorities.  To ensure that your message and your priorities don’t get lost in the shuffle, engaging your Senators and Representatives in DC is vital.  Other industries will drive policy outcomes if the IT industry doesn’t.
  11. 11. + How to Engage  Educate policy makers in DC and in their district office.  Attend the CompTIA-TechVoice fly-in.  Engage on policy issues.
  12. 12. + Impact of DC Engagement Case Study: Data Breach
  13. 13. + CompTIA Thought Leadership
  14. 14. + CompTIA Outreach CompTIA White House House Judiciary Senate Members House Small Business Senate Commerce House Members Senate Judiciary House Energy & Commerce Industry Allies Senate Small Business
  15. 15. + CompTIA Member Outreach – 2013 Fly-In
  16. 16. + CompTIA Communication
  17. 17. + CompTIA Member Testimony at Small Business Committee
  18. 18. + CompTIA Testimony at Energy & Commerce Committee
  19. 19. + Legislation Being Drafted with CompTIA Input