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Cyberstates 2018 - Arkansas


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Cyberstates provides comprehensive data, trending, and analysis of the tech workforce, tech economic impact, tech wages, innovation, occupation characteristics, and more. Cyberstates provides insights into the trends driving growth at the national level, state level, and the top metro areas in the United States. Visit to access the full report.

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Cyberstates 2018 - Arkansas

  1. 1. Copyright (c) 2018 CompTIA Properties, LLC. | | | #Cyberstates | Page 19 2017 YoY % Change IT Services + Custom Software Services 12,250 3.7% Telecommunications and Internet Services 7,080 -1.4% R&D, Testing, and Engineering Services 5,200 0.6% Tech Manufacturing 2,300 -5.3% Software [packaged] 390 5.7% 0 15,000 30,000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 est. [ +270 jobs +1.0% TECH INDUSTRY EMPLOYMENT TECH INDUSTRY JOBS 27,200 TECH OCCUPATION JOBS 42,900 STATE OF TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY 46% of Tech Industry Jobs Are in Tech Occupations LEADING TECH OCCUPATION CATEGORIES $42,470 $71,420 Average State Wage Average Tech Industry Wage TECH WAGES ARE 68% HIGHER TECH INDUSTRY WAGES Network Architects, Admins., and Support Specialists Computer System and Information Security Analysts Software and Web Developers 4.0%Estimated direct contribution of the tech sector to the Arkansas economy: $4.5 billion ECONOMIC IMPACT Arkansas 59,400 NET TECH EMPLOYMENT1 510 NET TECH JOB GAINS [2017 vs. 2016] 4.4% NET EMPLOYMENT AS A % OF OVERALL WORKFORCE 3,298 TECH BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS [firms with payroll] 9,120 TECH OCCUPATION JOB POSTINGS [2017 total] 29.3% EMERGING TECH JOB POSTINGS % CHANGE [2017 vs. 2016] LEADING TECH INDUSTRY SECTORS [by employment] 1 net of tech industry + tech occupation + self-employed [see methodology for details] 38th NET TECH EMPLOYMENT RANK 34th NET TECH EMPLOYMENT JOBS ADDED RANK 42nd INNOVATION SCORE RANK 6,110 +2.0% YoY 4,480 +1.9% YoY 4,080 +1.1% YoY Primary data sources: EMSI | U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis | Burning Glass Technologies Labor Insights. All data are estimates covering the 2017 time period, unless specified as earlier | See Appendix for full methodology and data tables