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E20 vision presentation


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E20 vision presentation

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Social Media and the Enterprise Andrew Gilboy Vice President E2.0 EMEA
  2. 2. Hi!
  3. 3. Is Social Media the greatest change since the Industrial Revolution?
  4. 4. Agenda •  What is Enterprise 2.0? •  New Business Models? •  What tools can help?
  5. 5. What is Enterprise 2.0?
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  7. 7. …not a new advertising channel!
  8. 8. “Customer Driven Self Service”
  9. 9. “Online Communities”
  10. 10. “Broadcast Search” “Crowd Sourcing”
  11. 11. Crowd Sourcing is not new •  Longitude prize 1714 •  >£100,000 prize money (>€20m in todays money) •  The web has just made it easier….and faster
  12. 12. “Wisdom of crowds” “Prediction Market”
  13. 13. Enterprise 2.0 – New Business Models The Peer Produced Airplane •  In the past, Boeing wrote detailed specifications for each part and asked suppliers to build to plan •  Today, suppliers co-design airplanes from scratch and deliver complete sub-assemblies to “Global Peer Particpation” Boeing’s factory, where a single plane can be snapped together like Lego blocks, in as little as 3 days
  14. 14. “Crowd Sourcing” “Idea Marketplace” “Recommendation Engine”
  15. 15. “Open API’s”
  16. 16. “Idea Marketplace”
  17. 17. “Prosumer”
  18. 18. “Idea Marketplace” “CrowdSourcing”
  19. 19. Enterprise 2.0 R.O.I – Extended across all Functional Areas Enterprise 2.0 and Open business models Collective intelligence Broadcast Search Product Development Online Marketing Crowdsourcing Community Prosumers Idea Sales Marketplace Customer Service Cloud computing 2.0 Development Line of Business Mashups, open API’s Platforms SAAS Operations / Back Office
  20. 20. Het afbeeldingonderdeel met relatie-id rId3 is niet aangetroffen in het bestand. Emerging Business Models for E2.0 School of Management, Polytechnic of Milano, Piazza L. Da Vinci Basing on 70 case studies, a survey of 65 CIO and a community discussion with experts, three E2.0 models are emerging in the companies: Open 1.  •  Social Enterprise (SE) aiming to create new Enterprise collaboration, knowledge- Social sharing and relation management models Enterprise 2.  Open Enterprise (OE) •  tending to a great extension and opening of the virtual workspace boundaries in Adaptive terms of access methods and Enterprise 3.  external players Adaptive Enterprise (AE) •  focused on the flexibility and reconfigurability in corporate process
  21. 21. What does this mean for the CXO? File systems, Databases, Websites, BI, Applications, Exchange
  22. 22. What does this mean for the CxO? VISIBILITY TOLERANCE File systems, Databases, Websites, BI, Applications, Exchange
  23. 23. Enterprise 2.0 is bringing the capabilities on the right to the Applications on the left? File systems, Databases, Websites, BI, Applications, Exchange
  24. 24. E2.0 must be integrated into Applications “Enterprise 2.0 functionality should be integrated into other applications as services. Service- based functionality offers the advantage of writing once and using many times”
  25. 25. Enterprise2.0 presents greater challenges than standalone Web2.0 •  How do you Integrate with Existing Legacy Applications and Infrastructure? •  How do you maintain a single view of the Customer as you add new channels? •  How to you extract value from Existing Knowledge stored in the those Applications? •  How do enhance existing vital business processes?
  26. 26. So what does this all mean to a CxO? File systems, Databases, Websites, BI, Applications, Exchange
  27. 27. How do we Integrate the Applications with the E2.0 tools?
  28. 28. The non-integrated approach multiple tactical projects: Web2.0 “knowledge coffins” “Department 2.0”
  29. 29. “Re-invent the Wheel 2.0”
  30. 30. No chance of integrating into Existing Business Applications? BPM and SOA Legacy Portal and Web Identity Systems Content Enterprise Applications Databases Management Applications Repositories Systems
  31. 31. How do we Integrate the Applications with the E2.0 tools?
  32. 32. Portals already Integrate Enterprise Applications to the Web for Web 1.0 Oracle Presentation & E2.0 Services WebCenter Suite WebCenter Framework Search ECM
  33. 33. So why not add the E2.0 functions to the Portal? Oracle Presentation & E2.0 Services WebCenter Suite WebCenter WebCenter Services Framework Search ECM
  34. 34. The power of a portal platform
  35. 35. The power of a Open Portal Platform •  Re-usable assets examples •  Nearest store mash-up with Google maps •  Customer Wikis •  Recommended next steps •  Mobile screen •  Contact preferences •  Is it in stock? •  Account management •  Shopping basket •  Single login •  Single view of customer •  Customer questions •  Forums, Q&A •  and, and, and
  36. 36. Power of an Open Platform Vodafone, the world's leading mobile telecommunications company, sought: •  To provide a single technology platform for all Vodafone websites worldwide •  Call centres, retail outlets all working from the same versions of unstructured data •  racle’s solution has O delivered: •  B2C and B2B External Websites •  Vodafone OneBill •  Global Intranet •  Call Centre Knowledge Base •  Enterprise wide secure documents
  37. 37. Power of a Platform: New Business Models Community Driven Self-Service B2B Portal at Alcatel- Lucent Multi-lingual / multi-region Integrated Search Cover greater number of customers Consolidate disparate systems Extend the Enterprise Role based access single Faster delivery of sign on new products and services 2.0 Community Improve Service Personalised tools eg content driven forums, blogs, by integrated idea engine CMS
  38. 38. Building Communities: Infrastructure Strategy makes a big difference in the long run Top Down & Bottom up Bottom up
  39. 39. Oracle and E2.0: Rated as leader by Gartner
  40. 40. “Start with the end in mine and you will move faster”
  41. 41. Thank you for your time Andrew Gilboy