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Understanding Diversity Training by USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department


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Understanding Diversity Training by USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department

  1. 1. Understanding Diversity National Diversity Training Seminar
  2. 2. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department2 Objective • Participants will understand the language and imagery of diversity. • Understand what diversity is and isn’t and its importance to the Auxiliary. • Explore the primary and secondary dimensions of diversity, the attitudes they spawn, and the infinite ways people are different.
  3. 3. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department3 What is Diversity • Diversity is about people. • It’s about the environment we work in and all of us reaching our panacea of accomplishments • Its about how we value and appreciate those that are unlike ourselves.
  4. 4. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department4 What is Diversity Cont. • It’s about how we think and how that translate into how we act in all that we do with members of the ‘Team’. • The CG considers diversity a matter of readiness…and believes in training its people with the tools for an excellent mission and seriously engages the ‘Team’ to learn about its perceptions through assessments.
  5. 5. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department5 What isn’t Diversity • Affirmative Action • Sensitivity training or awareness • Total assimilation
  6. 6. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department6 Why is talking about Diversity important • When we talk recruitment & retention they’re the foundation of what diversity engenders. • The demographics of this country are dramatically changed forever.
  7. 7. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department7 What do we mean, understanding Diversity? • Its understanding the differences that make each person unique.
  8. 8. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department8 Understanding Diversity • In the Past, this country was called “the melting pot.” Customs and cultures from many lands were expected to blend together, like ingredients in a cream soup. • Today, we’re starting to realize that the U.S. is more like a tossed salad – a variety of flavors, textures, colors and shapes.
  9. 9. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department9 Why should I understand Diversity • Because it can enrich your life – and your world. Understanding and appreciating differences helps. • Individuals, who can gain new insights and outlooks • Communities, which can tap the varied talents of their members. • Groups, that appreciate diversity have the ‘leading edge” in today’s “global market.”
  10. 10. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department10 Diversity is transforming our nation • For centuries, American education, business and government have reflected the culture of the vast majority: white people of European descent. • Every year we’re seeing some significant changes. • And for the first time in American history our government will have a African American as its Commander in chief.
  11. 11. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department11 What makes each person unique • Biology, which determines gender, body size; skin, hair and eye color. • Ethnicity and culture, the customs, language and sense of identity often shared by people with similar roots.
  12. 12. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department12 What makes us unique • Family life, including family size, values traditions and social class. • Beliefs, ones religion or philosophy of life
  13. 13. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department13 What makes us unique • Geography, how one feels about being from a certain neighborhood, city or region. • Experiences, in school, work, travel, recreation…and with other people.
  14. 14. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department14 Taking a look within Understanding diversity begins with understanding yourself As a start complete each statement below 1. I wear my hair the way I do because______ 2. In my family, children are expected to_____ 3. I often feel uncomfortable around people who are____________________________ 4. I am proud to be______________________ 5. When I hear people speaking another language, I think they’re________________
  15. 15. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department15 Taking a look within 6. If people must choose between work and family, they should_____________ 7. I really feel like an outsider when_____ 8. The most important thing in life is_____ 9. My ethnic or culture heritage is special because_________________________ 10. I’m often attracted to people who____
  16. 16. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department16 Taking a look at others We all make judgments about people based on our experience with them. But: A. When we make a judgment before getting to know someone, we “pre-judge” the person. B. When we assume everyone in a group is the same, we “stereotype” the individuals in the group. Its hard not to form prejudices and stereotypes. But we can keep them from influencing how we act with others.
  17. 17. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department17 People differ in many ways • Body language; People often stand close together or sometime far apart. Direct eye contact. • Listening; listeners tend to look at the speaker, or they tend to look away. • Speaking; speakers tend to look away from the listeners or some may look at their listeners.
  18. 18. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department18 People differ in many ways • Expressing opinions; some cultures believe its rude to complain or to say “no.” • Working styles; In some cultures people highly value “getting down to business.” • But watch out! Cultural background is only one thing that makes people unique. If you rely only on culture to interpret someone’s words and actions, we risk stereotyping.
  19. 19. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department19 You can get more out of relationships • Be open about differences • Don’t assume anything • Encourage questions • Make a point to make friends with people different from you. • Don’t make someone a spokesperson • Avoid telling ethnic or sexual jokes • Make your feeling known • Remember that mistakes happen.
  20. 20. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department20 Get more information about our diverse society • Watch plays and movies about different groups • Read different magazines • Contact organizations • Listen to different Radio stations • Attend workshops • Get first hand experience
  21. 21. USCG Auxiliary National Diversity Department21 So Celebrate Diversity • Take pride in your own uniqueness • Welcome others as individuals • Enjoy your similarities and your differences When you appreciate diversity, you enrich your world!