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I believe in free speech


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I believe in Free Speech
By: Donalee Gastreich
Complete Solutions in Life Mastery

This topic and story was sparked and created in a recent lunch-n-learn I delivered entitled "360 Awareness & Mastering Oneself". I asked the audience what they see when the expand their awareness to 360 awareness. The response that the room resonated with was this one, I Believe in free speech, I also believe in mute, block, and delete. The complete article on this story can be found at

Published in: Leadership & Management
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I believe in free speech

  1. 1. I believe in free speech
  2. 2. Free speech, means I allow others to share their beliefs and opinions.
  3. 3. Free speech means that I accept ANOTHER and what they believe and think as true for themselves. Accept - means without wanting or needing to change them
  4. 4. Free speech means that I respect another to have their own opinion even when it does not align with mine.
  5. 5. While practicing free speech and allowing others this freedom I must be compassionate with myself, as I notice within me any Resistance, Judgment, or Criticism
  6. 6. I believe in MUTE. My ability to mute the voice of the inner critic, judge, and jury inside me.
  7. 7. I believe in BLOCK, as one of my inner powers to literally block those aspects in me that aim to disempower another or do not come from love. To block resistance and turn it into allowing To block judgement and turn it into acceptance To block criticism and turn it into praise
  8. 8. I believe in DELETE. I have the ability to delete old programs and replace them with new current ones.
  9. 9. “Deleting our old operating system and installing a new more updated version is the way of the future.”
  10. 10. I believe in free speech for all. I believe in mute, block, and delete for ME. Presented by Complete Solutions in Life Mastery Donalee Gastreich