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Caddv Generic Presentation


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This is Competitive ADDvantage\'s client presentation, based on our services, experience, and solutions. We\'re a business consultancy that works closely with our clients, focused on delivering the results that they need.

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Caddv Generic Presentation

  1. 1. a consultancy that works             in close partnership with our clients we help        to deliver the  results you want in a way that supports your business needs….
  2. 2. Our pedigree Launched Jan 2010. 15 years consultancy + 20 years in L&D. A team of like minded consultants with you at  the centre of what we do. A belief in fun, practicality, simple memorable  implementation into the workplace. Vast experience in FS, retail and other ventures. Experienced at all levels within organisations.
  3. 3. What we bring A structured approach to all projects.  Close working relationships with your team, you’re the customer!  Consultancy which gets to the heart of the issue                                   and quickly identifies solutions, which meets                                       your needs and budget.  A ‘dare to be different‘ attitude and approach.  Practical relevant training solutions for your  business and people.  Fun, highly interactive facilitation and training  Embedding techniques that see new skills put into the workplace.  A team specialised in the issues you face and the solutions you need.
  4. 4. UK & Ireland  Caribbean Europe United States Middle East global experience a decade of 
  5. 5. Our World Class Clients require our World Class solutions
  6. 6. Our consultancy services include Cultural Transformation Distribution Consultancy Leadership Development Customer Journey and Experience  Management & Sales Management Development Sales Process and Skills – face to face, call centre Resource supply Regulatory support
  7. 7. Distribution Consultancy We provide qualitative and quantative research reports and  recommendations enabling your business to; Improve and develop sales distribution Facilitate sales and sales management process design Competency & behavioural framework design  The outcome is creating a competitive advantage for you  via better business through your people
  8. 8. Leadership Executive Coaching Top Team Development Vision and Values Strategy Planning and Implementation High Performing Teams enhancement Leadership Development and Assessment  Real time 360° Behavioural Assessment 
  9. 9. Management and Sales Management Development We understand the people and process needed Enhance your people’s skills in each part of the process Provide the focus and desire for your people to become   the best in business Right style and tools to gain biggest impact  Know what to do and how to do it Develop and Align the Enhancing performance for all Business Plan Leading and managing Monitor and Vision and Organise and Evaluate Success Values Build the Team Enhance Performance of Team Members
  10. 10. Sales Process and Skills Salespeople who; focus on the customer create the right customer experience can build lifetime relationships ask questions that relate to the customers situation listen and understand what customer’s say understand the customer’s world and what is  important to them close the interest gap so customers buy from you  and not your competitors Customers who stay with you as they know what has been  provided relates to their real needs as they understand them.
  11. 11. Customer focussed selling
  12. 12. Customer Journey and Experience Customer experience is increasingly important in today’s environment. The customer has again become ‘King’ We can help provide; Tools to measure your customer journey & experience effectiveness Tools to map customer journeys to identify experience gaps Tools to help your team enhance the experience to your ideal. Provide leaders and managers with skills to  support the customer  Experience across the whole business
  13. 13. Resource Supply This specialised sector requires an understanding of the client, their  needs and a thorough knowledge of the resources available. We’ve kept our consultancy supply team to a manageable number. We know their skills, knowledge and competence levels. We make a point of discussing any resource request to really  understand our clients needs, providing the right person with the  competence, behaviour and cultural fit for the organisation. We provide Interim managers, HR professionals and trainers to suit  your needs.
  14. 14. Summary If you want a consultancy; who can build bespoke programmes and  recommendations for your business. who quickly understand the business and cultural needs. who create the right development interventions. who make a point of understanding your business, your  people and your customers as part of what we do.              We are for you
  15. 15. Contact us Mike Willoughby  co‐founder & director t: +44 [0] 7595 – 496847 Kelvin Smith  co‐founder & director t: +44 [0] 7808 ‐ 062009 We are here for you…