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Reflection on 9th February

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Reflections09-feb-2011It was only today the thing revealed; there is a book stall in the university campus. Nobody, even myclosest buddies have not informed me about this. Though I explored through this university campus fordays, I never saw this book stall. Thanks to my guide Dr. Chellamani ma’am who exposed the treasurehouse to me. The stall is sited just behind the university library with the name TR Book house. I havebeen to the library for many a times. I have seen the path that directs to that book house. I used to justtoddle away thinking where this path leads to. I never thought this path leads to knowledge. This is thefate of most to the students. Though they see the path of success lie in front of them they ignore them.This is where a teacher comes to their rescue. Not only today but on many occasions my guide Dr.Chellamani ma’am had steered me. As a future teacher we should take this inspiration to our students.Jeen Peter