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Getting started with Compete PRO


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Compete PRO introduction slides for our getting started webinar.

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Getting started with Compete PRO

  2. 2. WHAT IS COMPETE PRO? • Compete PRO is a syndicated competitive intelligence tool that harnesses information collected on the behavior and navigational patterns of consumers online. • The data and reports included in Compete PRO provide further insight into actual online trends for the US browsing population.
  3. 3. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? • For the majority of consumers, the Internet is used as the main source of information consumption. • Consumer trends online can be extremely valuable to influencers in the digital landscape who need to better understand how sites are performing based on traffic metrics and engaging content. • Campaigns to more effectively reach the browsing population can be optimized by utilizing insight regarding how consumers are navigating online and what content is increasing engagement.
  4. 4. LOCAL ANALYTICS vs. COMPETE PRO LOCAL ANALYTICS • Local analytics tools use javascript tags to collect visitor data. Incorrect page tagging can affect data accuracy. COMPETE PRO • • Tracks actual online behavior for real people. Offers a view into the breakdown of a site’s audience composition in terms of demographics. • Deleted cookie overstatement • Bots/ Spiders/ Agents overstatement • • International and mobile data taken into account Enables you to compare an indivdual site’s traffic data to traffic metrics for an industry as a whole. • Provides a platform to understand activity on YOUR website Helps uncover the behavioral traits exhibited in site audience make-up. • Offers a platform for competitive intelligence •
  6. 6. WHY CHOOSE COMPETE PRO? • Data Quality • Compete boasts the largest panel in industry Because of the size of our panel, data is more in-depth and extensive • Extensive Keyword Data Competitors won’t capture as much of a detailed list • User interface Compete PRO’s user interface is intuitive. Finding key information is convenient and customizable. • Price Compete PRO Solutions are more cost effective and flexible than those offered by competitors.
  7. 7. COMMON COMPETE PRO USE CASES: • Identifying Identify potential customers/investments • Qualifying Narrow the list of prospects based on certain criteria • Monitoring Look at recurring info, generally related to monthly/quarterly reporting • Optimizing Use data to gain actionable insights, make decisions based on data • Researching Investigate the activity of competitors and clients • Proving Value Demonstrate the value of the services performed
  9. 9. DASHBOARDS • For Advanced Users, the Dashboards feature gives users the opportunity to make Compete PRO more customized for their needs • Dashboards allow users to put together a number of their most-used reports in one place. • Dashboards help save time and prevent you from digging around the tool each time you log-in • Dashboards will automatically update with each monthly data publish • Can add chart, table, single metric or annotation and share as a PDF or email.
  10. 10. SAVED SITES & SAVED GROUPS • Saved Sites: Each domain will display the selected metric (monthly or daily), the temporal metric in red or green text, depending on whether there was a monthly or yearly increase or decrease. Additionally, a blue spark chart will identify how the site has trended over the past 24 months. • Saved Groups: Function similarly to Saved Sites, however Saved Groups will make it simple to view 5 competitors’ trends across multiple metrics. Grouping similar sites together may be helpful for competitive analysis.
  12. 12. GET STARTED • Within the Profiles tab, the user has the ability to search by website, keyword or category. • Website: Investigate the performance of domains across the internet • Keyword: See which sites are competing for a certain keyword and the paid/natural breakout. • Broad Match: less specific, will return more results • Exact Match: will return exact results, as if the term was searched in quotations. • Category: Investigate the performance of an industry in aggregate. There are close to 250 Industry categories and over 50 Behavioral Categories.
  13. 13. PROFILES > WEBSITE FEATURES AVAILABLE Site Summary Sub domains Search Referrals Traffic Dashboard Incoming Traffic • Grouped Sites • Sites • Categories Outgoing Traffic Related Sites
  15. 15. GET STARTED WITH THE COMPARE TAB • The Compare Tab allows you to compare multiple domains and subdomains against one another. This report illustrates how certain sites within a group are trending and helps easily identify which sites within a group are experiencing growth and decline. • Can jumpstart research about what’s working for competitors and what isn’t. • Within the Compare tab, users have the option to either build a comparison list or load a saved group.
  16. 16. COMPARE TAB KEY FEATURES • Site Summary – Up to seven sites can be displayed in comparison graph at one time – Can view up to 2 years of data for Monthly Metrics – Can view 1 year for Daily Metrics – Export as PDF, IMG, CSV or Add to Dashboard • Search Referrals – See the difference in Paid/Total Search Referrals for 2 different sites within the comparison group – Keyword report will compare which site received more traffic volume and average time – Export as image, CSV, or permalink • Incoming Traffic – View the share of traffic coming to 2 sites within the group and the difference in share • Outgoing Traffic – View destination sites, the outgoing share and difference in share
  17. 17. SITE FINDER • Prospect and grow your business more effectively with Site Finder. This feature will enable you to use your own criteria to discover major players in an industry and uncover potential partners. Build your criteria based on: • Website growth • Unique Visitors • Industry Category • Demographic (age, income, gender)
  18. 18. TOP SITES LIST • View the top performing sites in the industry • List Length (200, 1,000 or 1,500 sites) • Metric ( Unique Visitors, Visits, Page Views, Total Time Spent, Monthly Attention) • Additional Metrics including Site Ranking, Ranking + Unique Visitors, Ranking + All Metrics • Download as CSV
  20. 20. TRAFFIC & ENGAGEMENT MONTHLY METRICS • Unique Visitors: A measure of how many people visit a site in a month. Each visitor is counted once. • Visits Per Person: How many times each visitor returns to the site on average. • Visits: A measure of how many times people visit a site within a month. Each person accounts for one Unique Visitor, each subsequent visit is included in the Visit number. • Pages Per Person: The average number of pages viewed during a visit. • Attention: A measurement of how much time was spent on a specific site in comparison to time spent online that month. • Compete Rank: A metric used to help understand site popularity, based on Unique Visitors. • • Average Stay: The average time a person spends on a site. Page Views: A measure of how many pages within a site are viewed during the month.
  21. 21. DAILY METRICS • Daily Traffic Metrics are trended over the past 12 months. • Daily Reach: measures how many people visit a site as a percentage in comparison to all Internet users online that day. • Daily Attention: considers all the time collectively spent online and then determines what percentage of that time was given to a particular site.