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Search Driven Websites - Comperio


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Search driven websites comperio

Published in: Technology, Design
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Search Driven Websites - Comperio

  1. 1. OSLO STOCKHOLM LONDON BOSTONSearch-driven websitesThe shackles of the CMS and how to break free
  2. 2. Marcus Johansson• Senior Consultant, Comperio• V-TSP Enterprise Search, Microsoft• Course instructor, CornerstoneEmail: marcus.johansson@comperiosearch.comTwitter: @marcjohaBlog: http://blog.comperiosearch.comLinkedIn:
  3. 3. DEFINE SEARCHSo what are we talking about, how do we actually…
  4. 4. Traditionally: the 10 blue links
  5. 5. Streams – Twitter, etc.
  6. 6. Graphs – Facebook, LinkedIn
  7. 7. Semi-manual approaches
  8. 8. Corporate mashups –
  9. 9. Search-driven applications
  10. 10. What do these have in common?• Great content– Sometimes volume– Often great quality– Freshness• Great search logic– Well-tailored for theiruse cases– Usage constantlymonitoredBestSolutionBusinessgoalsTechUserneeds
  11. 11. Search is much, much morethan just a search box.And the index is just oneof its modules
  13. 13. Your typical CMS-based web siteManualeditorialeffortsAutomaticcontentaggregation
  14. 14. Traditional search, Twitter, etc.AutomaticcontentaggregationManualeditorialefforts
  15. 15. AutomaticcontentaggregationManualeditorialeffortsThe window of opportunity?
  16. 16. The CMS vs. reality
  17. 17. What we really want to doCMSReach ofsearch engine
  18. 18. The solutionIncrease usage – Increase customer satisfaction – Increase conversion
  19. 19. A search-driven website
  20. 20. It’s more common than you think!SharePoint 2013 is powered by Search and encourages you to surface search-driven content
  21. 21. The “content improvement” cycle
  22. 22. Surfacing search-driven contentEncourages publishers to improve content qualityWill have to think about internal SEOLimit dependencies on one particular content source systemAgility and completeness. Not all data needs to origin from the CMSTakes you beyond what’s available in your organizationHarvest (moderated?) user content from e.g. social mediaMeans you’re actually working with the long tailAnd gain access to vast amounts of analytics for further improvements