NDC lightning SharePoint 2013 and Enterprise Search


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NDC lightning SharePoint 2013 and Enterprise Search by Tallak Hellebust

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NDC lightning SharePoint 2013 and Enterprise Search

  1. 1. OSLO STOCKHOLM LONDON BOSTONWhat have we learnedabout SharePoint 2013 andEnterprise SearchTallak Hellebust @ Comperio
  2. 2. Infrastructure NeedsIs Microsoft moving into server hardware business?
  3. 3. Index-0QueryWFEDoc ProcCrawlingCentral AdminEnrichmentFRONTQueryWFEFRONTIndex-2Index-1Index-3Index-0Index-2Index-1Index-3Doc ProcDoc ProcDoc ProcDoc ProcDoc ProcDoc ProcDoc ProcCrawlingAnalyticsAdminAdminEnrichmentEnrichmentEnrichmentEnrichmentEnrichmentEnrichmentEnrichmentAnalyticsDoc ProcEnrichmentDoc ProcEnrichment40MillionDocuments10Queries /SecondSQL Server SQL Server• Admin DB• Analytics DB• Crawl DB• Link DB• Other SP DBs
  4. 4. Infrastructure InvestmentsWhat Spec Count TotalSharePoint Server Virtual Machine 12 12 VMsCPU 8 cores 12 96 coresMemory 32 GB 12 384 GBSystem Disk 150 GB 12 1,8 TBData Disk 450 GB 12 5,4 TBDisk IO 200 (Indexer) 8 1600 IOPS• Physical Servers• Database Servers• Load Balancer• SAN or local disk arrays• Domain Controller• Other networking• Licenses for• SharePoint Server• SQL Server• Windows Server• CALs/eCALs• Visual Studio• Comperio FRONT• UAT Env• QA/Test Env• Dev Envs
  5. 5. We have learned that…You will need• Funding!• Time• Documentation• Network• To automateImprove performance by• Add more CPU• Add more Memory• Optimize Disk IO• Balance load vicely• Tune Distributed cache• Know your Anti Virus
  7. 7. Beer time!