Writing the Perfect Blog Post


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Corporate blogging is a cost effective means of driving leads to your company. Writing effective blog posts that drive a lot of traffic requires some best practices and very specific techniques.

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  • I think these are excellent reminder for all bloggers out there...keep relevant, fresh and engaging, and the readership will come. We all need to keep an eye out for tunnel vision and ’losing sight of the forest through the trees’. Thanks again

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  • Thanks for the guidance, and the reminder that 'giving information does not mean giving up business.' Aside from the ever important optimize your website / blog, the reminder the timing is also a key to conversions is sooo very true.
    We often get caught in a rut, and discouraged. It's important to maintain the right perspective to help keep you going - especially if it helps with conversions! Thanks for the refreshing perspective!
    Cheers, Bruce, http://internetmarketingfornewbs.com/
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  • Very interesting ppt. The research indicated PPT only contains 30% of information; therefore the 70% valuable information comes from the presenter himself/herself. soEZLecturing.com provides you a chance to record your voice with your PowerPoint presentation and upload to the website. It can share with more readers and also promote your presentation more effectively on soEZLecturing.com.
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  • NIce Slideshow. Will use these tips for my blog.
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  • 'It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.' Thanks for the framework.
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Writing the Perfect Blog Post

  1. WELCOME Writing the Perfect Post Douglas Karr VP, Blogging Evangelism Chantelle Flannery Client Success Marketing
  2. ELEMENTS •Timing •Relevance •Title •Content •Image Use •Conversion •Reward
  3. TIMING 1. News spurs Searches (Marketing in a Recession) 2. Local News spurs Local Searches (Electrical fire destroys Indy home) 3. Events (Online Marketing Summit, May 2009) 4. Just in time (How to avoid the conficker virus)
  4. RELEVANCE 1. What’s the question? 2. What’s the answer? 3. What’s the benefit to my reader? 4. Avoid first person, talk about your customer 5. Use keywords effectively
  5. POST TITLE • Summarize content • Set expectations • Get the reader curious • Keywords help SEO
  6. CONTENT • Use white space effectively • Bold important terms • Use bulleted lists • 1 to 2 sentences per paragraph • Use images
  7. IMAGE USE • People don’t read, they scan • People don’t remember words • People remember images • Images enhance the message
  8. CONVERSION • Opportunities for engagement IN the post will perform well. • Lead customers into Search engagement: • “If you’d like to discuss this further” Click • “Check out our product page” Read • “This is just an overview, be sure to check out our demo” Convert
  9. REWARD • Ensure the reader understands the benefits of engagement. • Leave the reader with knowledge they can use. • Even provide an incentive.
  10. ANSWERS • 1 Post = 1 Topic • Did your content answer the question? • Did your content reflect the post title? • Giving information does not mean giving up business
  11. QUESTIONS “Answer the question” that the user came for and provide a path for engagement. Compendium Blogware http://www.compendiumblogware.com/