Demand Generation through Corporate Blogging


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Demand Generation through Corporate Blogging

  1. 1. Seth’s Take on Search “…..with search, people are not being interrupted with junk (stuff they are not interested in right now). Instead, they search when they are interested.” “The result of Google and the prevalence of search means that people are far more forgiving of things that need to be sought out, and less patient than ever with selfish marketers that insist on showing up in your face.”
  2. 2. “People don't go to Web sites anymore. Web sites come to them. This is, perhaps, the best way to explain the impact of search on the online experience.” William Flaiz, Search Engine Watch, Aug 1, 2008
  3. 3. What we all do online 100% 90% As Much As 80% of all web 80% interactions begin with search 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project *Not online
  4. 4. "which advertising media performs strongly for your company"? Datran Media
  5. 5. Search Strategies 1,000’s Keyword Phrases Targeted 0 Website SEO PPC Campaigns
  6. 6. •80% to 95% of all clicks on a page happen in the Organic Results
  7. 7. “By far the most important piece of writing you’ll do on any given page is your page title. Search engines consider your page title to be very indicative of what can be found on the page. SEO Expert: Steven Bradley “Relevance means keeping to a topic, helping the search engine understand what your site is about and, ideally, about one thing in particular.” Vanessa Fox: Search Engine Land
  8. 8. Why Blogging works for SEO • Titles • Keywords • Recent Content • Lots of Content • Links • Relevance
  9. 9. Bariatric Surgery
  10. 10. Bariatric Surgery
  11. 11. What is Social Media? & WHY?
  12. 12. “People Buy From People” Zig Ziglar 1970 “The most successful sales tactic in history is the “Similar Situation.” Tom Hopkins 1972 “People want to affiliate with people who are like themselves” MicroTrends Author Mark Penn 2008
  13. 13. Business Blogging & Social Media Someone Like Me CEO VS. …….(The) most credible source of information about a company is now “a person like me,” which has risen dramatically to surpass doctors and academic experts for the first time 7th Annual Edelman Trust Barometer
  14. 14. "It's clear that when it comes to traditional authority figures – whether they're chief executives or heads of state – people trust them less," says Mr. Edelman. "Employees are the new credible source of information. We have data that shows an employee blog is five times more credible than a CEO blog – and I say this as a CEO blogger." 2008 Annual Edelman Trust Barometer
  15. 15. Law Firm Since program launch Nov. 07: • 1:16 avg. read time • 1.5 pages per visit • 91% new visits • 21 posts per month on avg • 31 compended blogs, 1 user blog • $30,000/month YP advertising • Google rankings for search phrases such as: • Small business bankruptcy Indiana • Bankruptcy services Indiana • Personal bankruptcy Indiana • Payday Loan debt help
  16. 16. Since program launch March 07: • 1:46 avg. read time • 2.03 pages per visit • 91% new visits • 12 posts per month on avg. • 55 compended blogs, 4 user blogs • Google rankings for search phrases such as: • Relocation worldwide • Corporate relocation management • Long distance reolocation • Corporate relocation consulting
  17. 17. Since program launch in April 07: • 1:39 avg. read time • 3.07 pages per visit • 86% new visits • 23 compended blogs, 2 user blogs • Google rankings for search phrases such as: • Fishers Home Builders • Indianapolis Townhomes • Indiana Custom Homes • Brownsburg Real Estate
  18. 18. Topic Driven Blogging
  19. 19. “This is excellent and highly relevant to our audience. Can you deliver the Tampa Bay case study?”
  20. 20. Contact Information: Chris Baggott CEO/Co-founder Compendium Blogware Google – Chris Baggott