The Key to Local Search


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This presentation outlines how business blogs are found in local search. Corporate blogging is optimized in search engine. Knowing what to say in your blog is important in order to be found in local search.

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The Key to Local Search

  1. 1. Business Blogging: The Key To Local Search
  2. 2. “People don't go to Web sites anymore. Web sites come to them. This is, perhaps, the best way to explain the impact of search on the online experience.” William Flaiz, Search Engine Watch, Aug 1, 2008
  3. 3. What is “Local”? Or?
  4. 4. Local Marketing Stats: • $100 Billion Local Advertising Auto Dealers alone = •28% of local TV •18% of local Newspaper •14.7% of local radio Yellow Pages, Direct Mail (co-mail), other print
  5. 5. What we all do online 100% 90% 80% As Much As 80% of all web 70% interactions begin with search 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project *Not online
  6. 6. 30 Local Online Advertising 25.9 2008 - 2011 25 20 The Internet has now surpassed the print yellow pages and newspapers as 15 the primary local resource for consumers looking for services. 10 5 4.589 0 1 2
  7. 7. Estimated that 90% of online directory traffic comes from Search Engines
  8. 8. According to Yahoo! Research, 88% of sales revenue generated from online advertising is derived from consumers who have done their research on the Internet, then made their purchase in a brick and mortar store. “Consumers may initially browse online, but more than 90% of them choose to complete their transactions offline.”
  9. 9. eMarketer ( says that as much as $500 billion in offline purchases were influenced by the Internet in 2007. BigResearch ( said 89% of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories have conducted research online.
  10. 10. Search Strategies 1,000’s Keyword Phrases Targeted 0 Website SEO PPC Campaigns
  11. 11. THE BUSINESS BLOGGING SOLUTION What‟s a Blog?? Online journal-like content, organized in reverse chronological order.
  12. 12. Why Blogging works for SEO • Titles • Keywords • Recent Content • Lots of Content • Links • Relevance
  13. 13. What Do I Say? Inventory: A lot of searches are people looking for specific products offline. Blog about what you have in the store. Right now and often.
  14. 14. What Do I Say?
  15. 15. What Do I Say? Directions & Locations. Not just your address…don‟t just grab a map and put it on your Web site. Include text explaining where you‟re located, including detailed driving directions using as many location descriptors as possible: the neighborhood you’re in, the landmarks along the way, and the cross streets. Local consumers search with more targeted terms. You want to be ready to capture that search traffic
  16. 16. Mentioning streets that you might have serviced or where your customers come from is great blogging content. “Last week we were called out at midnight to a distraught homeowner on South Maple Street here in Columbus, OH with a frozen pipe that had burst. I’m proud to report that we were able to guide the woman on how to turn off the water, and were onsite within 45 minutes.”
  17. 17. What Do I Say? Services, products, & brands. For a service oriented business, blogging frequently about the specific services that are provided is a must. What are the top few services you offer? Don't assume that just because you're categorized in a particular industry, you don't need to mention the obvious. For instance, a photographer might talk about "wedding photographers" but should blog about other services they offer such as "wedding photos, formal bridal portraits, candid shots of wedding parties and rehearsals." Blogging about products & brands with a business can also help it return more relevant for users' specific searches.
  18. 18. What Do I Say? Specialties & amenities. The specialties & amenities are really important to provide attributes that can differentiate between you and your competitors. Specialties for a lawyer may bring in more clients who have cases for which they're particularly skilled. Amenities in hotel listings like pools, exercise rooms, free breakfasts, and others can draw in more business than nearly anything and are vital details.
  19. 19. What Do I Say? Photos & Video. Including clear, large enough photos really help consumers in choosing. Be sure when using photos that you properly tag them with the keywords that drive your search. The search engines love photos, but they can‟t actually see them so it‟s important that you give your photos the right descriptions using your keywords. The same is true for video tagging. Also don‟t fight the wave. Host your video on YouTube.
  20. 20. What Do I Say? • Hours of Operation • Associations - what‟s it take? What are the issues? • Certifications - same as above • Languages - talk about and „in‟ • Prices
  21. 21. What Do I Say? Most of all: Talk about People!! who are they? What problem do they have? Why do they buy from you? How do they buy from you?
  22. 22. What about Directories or Review Sites?
  23. 23. Why Compendium?
  24. 24. Topic Driven Blogging
  25. 25. Client Success: Zuckerberg Law Firm Blogging Program Google Organic Traffic Growth & Engagement Since program launch Nov. 07: • 1:16 avg. read time • 1.5 pages per visit • 91% new visits • 21 posts per month on avg • 31 compended blogs, 1 user blog • $30,000/month YP advertising • Google rankings for search phrases such as: • Small business bankruptcy Indiana • Bankruptcy services Indiana • Personal bankruptcy Indiana Meeting „Secret Society‟ today • Payday Loan debt help
  26. 26. Client Success: Estridge Homes Google Organic Traffic Growth & Engagement Since program launch in April 07: • 1:39 avg. read time • 3.07 pages per visit • 86% new visits • 23 compended blogs, 2 user blogs • Google rankings for search phrases such as: • Fishers Home Builders • Indianapolis Townhomes • Indiana Custom Homes • Brownsburg Real Estate
  27. 27. Thoughts & Questions? Chris Baggott Co-Founder/CEO Compendium Blogware