Mind Training


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Mind Training

  1. 1. M i n d T r a i n i n g Reality : Interdependence Ignorance Wisdom Self-centered mind : *Attachment *Arrogance *Greed…etc. Destructive emotion : *Anger, Hatred Reason (Altruism) : *Compassion *Warm-heart *Gentleness…etc. Calm mind : *Peace of mind (Care for the happiness of yourself only) (Care for the happiness of others) Materialism Spiritualism 2013/8/14 1 *Anger, Hatred *Jealousy *Fear, Sorrow…etc. *Peace of mind *Friendship *Cooperation…etc. Positive actionNegative action HappinessSuffering Negative consequence Benefit Positive motivationNegative motivation Hitoshi Tsuchiyama2013.6. 27 Copyright © 2013, Hitoshi Tsuchiyama. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. 1. Notification of Mind Training According to your request, I will be a lecturer of the Mind Training. Please read the outline of Mind Training and 2013/8/14 2 contact me by e-mail first, if you are interested in Mind Training. (compassion5151@yahoo.co.jp) Hitoshi Tsuchiyama, Compassion Institute (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Compassion-Institute/187337891308889?sk=info)
  3. 3. 2. Outline of Mind Training (1) Contents This is a training program to master "methods to control emotions" through knowing the "mechanism of mind". Participants can make best use of this skill both at work 2013/8/14 3 Participants can make best use of this skill both at work and in private life. Since the contents are based on universal moral ethics which we can’t learn at schools, they are globally valid. Excellent companies like Apple, Google, McKinsey, Nike, Deutsche Bank are embracing meditation in their new HR strategy and have achieved results as URL below, and this Mind Training offers contents for meditation. http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/10-big-companies-that-promote-employee-meditation/?goback=%2Egde_3703348_member_264385080
  4. 4. 3. Outline of Mind Training (2) Presentation Materials (for 5 times) Mind Training(1) ‘Needs for Mind Training’ Mind Training(2) ‘Mechanism of Mind’ Mind Training(3) ‘Methods to Control Emotions’ 2013/8/14 4 Mind Training(3) ‘Methods to Control Emotions’ Mind Training(4) ‘Formula for Success’ Mind Training(5) ‘Ultimate Truth and Wisdom’ Time schedule Each time 60 minutes (45 min. lecture, 15 min. Q & A) in principle but can be flexible.
  5. 5. 4. Outline of Mind Training (3) Expected effects (If you change your mind, your action will change.) Effects for employees Inner strength (Self-confidence) Trust from others (Open heart & honesty) Calm mind (Less anger & hatred) Seeing the reality (Not being deceived) Mental & physical good health (Less stress) 2013/8/14 5 Mental & physical good health (Less stress) More chances of success (Quick righting after failures) Emotion control (Generation of reason) …etc. Effects for the corporation Less violence (Power harassment, Sexual harassment…etc.) Less corruption (Breach of trust, Embezzlement, Fraud, Bribery, Collusion...etc.) Less mental health issues (Stress, Depression, Suicide...etc.) More contribution to corporate performance (Trust, Cooperation, Ability to see the reality...etc.) More well-being of employees (Work atmosphere, Meaningful job...etc.) …etc.
  6. 6. 5. Outline of Mind Training (4) Implementation Guidance Venue: to be arranged by requester (incl. projector) Language: Japanese or English (worldwide locations) Lecture fee +α: 2013/8/14 6 Lecture fee +α: Transportation cost: actual cost (prepaid or ticket arrangement) Accommodation cost: actual cost (to be arranged by requester, or payable on arrival) Lecture fee: consultation (payable at the end) Other: Internet workshop such as Skype can be also considered.
  7. 7. H u m a n S t r u c t u r e Consciousness Body Instinct Emotion Reason (Compassion) Thought (Motivation) Instinct & Emotion [Transformed] Speech Action Mind Action Moral Ethics is universal! 2013/8/14 7 Consciousness Controller Smile Copyright © 2013, Hitoshi Tsuchiyama. All rights reserved.