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Why Linux?


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Why Linux?

  1. 1. Linux is an open source operating system. Linux is very stable, fast and robust in operations. Huge group of “free software proponents” (open source) Dell now offers desktops with Linux Over 80% of internet servers worldwide use Linux as os Alternate to Windows and MAC OS’s Playstations, Hardware controlled devices etc. run on Linux
  2. 2. Rs. 000 Rs. 22050 Linux desktop Windows Vista Ultimate Rs. 000 Rs. 28812 Linux Server Windows Server 2003 Rs. 000 Rs. 19200 Open Office Microsoft Office 2007 Rs. 000 Rs. 168000 MS SQL MS SQL Ent. Edition 2000 Free Total Rs. 238062 Total No run time license or any other license is required Regular maintenance cost 100% Regular maintenance cost of 1-3%
  3. 3. Mobility: Windows allows programs to store user Linux stores all user data in the home information (files and settings) anywhere. directory making it much easier to migrate This makes it impossibly hard to backup user from an old computer to a new one. If home data files and settings and to switch to a new directories are segregated in their own computer. partition, you can even upgrade from one version of Linux to another without having to migrate user data and settings. Flexibility: Windows must boot from a primary partition. Linux can boot from either a primary partition or a logical partition inside an extended partition. Windows must boot from the first hard disk. Linux can boot from your CD rom or pen drive with office & other pre installed application in it. Windows tend to crash any time. Carry your operating system on the move.
  4. 4. Processor: 1.5 GHZ, Pentium Processor: 200 MZ, 486 AT RAM: 512 MB RAM: 128 MB Hard Disk: 80 GB Hard Disk: 260 MB
  5. 5. In Windows OS the virus can: • Delete our data at its own • Crept operating system suddenly • Crash HDD and mother board • Slow our computer & network speed No man hour loss any more as virus can Cost of man hour loss due to virus not enter in your Linux based computer infection and system failure. system.
  6. 6. We will guide you...