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Slides of Idea (Eng)

  1. 1. Slides of The Idea, Brian Marshal, 17 March 2011<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />Today, we believe:<br />Computers have become as important as books for education and are indeed students’ windows to see the world.<br />Computers will be able to strengthen students’ capability to learn rapidly in this era of technology and internet.<br />However, the facts are:<br />A lot of students especially in developing countries including Indonesia still do not have access to computers.<br />Statistics in 2009 shows that one computer in Indonesia is shared over two thousand students. Ministry of Education is targeting to reach one computer for every twenty students in 2015 [Kompas, 16 Aug 2009].<br /><br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  3. 3. Background<br />While at the same time:<br />Newer and better computers are produced and replace old ones very quickly within months. So, how about the old ones?<br />Volume of electronic waste is keep increasing especially in developing countries including Indonesia and is starting to be environmentally dangerous [Jakarta Post, 23 Feb 2010].<br />Up to now, no well known computers reuse, refurbish, or recycle scheme does exist in Indonesia.<br />It is believed that people are by nature generous, and will help others if given the opportunity to do so in a transparent and accountable way [Quote from].<br /><br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  4. 4. Solution<br />Therefore, to help Indonesia reaches its goal in 2015 or even better, here is a solution.<br />We receive used computer donation from individuals or organizations.<br />We reuse or refurbish the computer, fill it with basic educational software.<br />We send the computer to underprivileged schools and support them on how to use it.<br />We call this social initiative with the name of “Computers for Indonesia”.<br />Together with other working solutions both from public and private sectors, we believe we can reach Indonesia goal in 2015 or even better!<br /><br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  5. 5. Solution<br />Who can be part of CFI?<br />You, and everyone in the globe can be part of CFI. Be it individuals or organizations, as long as we share the same passion, you can join this initiative. Send us your used computers or do contact us to explore further about how we can work together.<br />How CFI works?<br />Fill and submit, our online donation or contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. For your information, currently we are only collecting working computers or their parts from within Indonesia (especially within Java). So, visit our website right now.<br />Who benefits from CFI?<br />Underprivileged schools, and all their students will be benefited by CFI. Remember, as of 2009, a working computer brings hope for the education of every two thousands students in Indonesia. Kindly nominate to us, schools which are ready to gain benefit from this initiative.<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  6. 6. Vision<br />Our visions are:<br />Indonesia reaches its goal in 2015 to bring one computer for every twenty students.<br />Access to technology and knowledge through the use of computers for all Indonesia students.<br />A significant decrease in Indonesia electronic waste volume especially from computers or their parts.<br />And hence our missions in achieving our visions are:<br />To facilitate the generosity of people by collecting used computers as donations.<br />To reuse or refurbish used computers and distribute them to underprivileged schools in Indonesia.<br />To socialize the use of computers and internet for education especially to underprivileged schools in Indonesia.<br /><br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  7. 7. Action<br />Website and social media<br />Approach to organizations<br />Road show and sharing session<br />Report and articles<br />Workshop and training session<br />Periodical maintenance support<br />Campaign follow up<br />Collection activity<br />Refurbishment activity<br />Research about beneficiaries<br />Distribution activity (impact project)<br />Impact project review<br />Day to day operation review<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  8. 8. Action<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  9. 9. Kick Off Project<br />As a kick-off, we set a pilot project:<br />To receive a total of 10 computers donated individually from our friends and relatives.<br />To distribute the computers to a school around Bandung, Indonesia.<br />To observe and design a sustainable periodical plan with beneficiaries.<br />To learn more on how to refurbish used computers professionally.<br />In other words, this kick-off project also serves as a research project in which the team intend to learn further about long term impact and sustainability of this initiative.<br /><br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  10. 10. Kick Off Project<br />We set this kick-off project to be held within our first 30 days of activities.<br />In 30 days, the targets are as follows:<br />First official team meeting set the initial days count (Mar 7, 2011),<br />Campaign started by Mar 13,<br />Collection started by Mar 13,<br />Refurbishment started by Mar 27,<br />Refurbishment finished by Apr 3,<br />Computers distribution held on Apr 9 - 10.<br />Apart from its position as a research, we believe that by fulfilling this project on time, we can gain more energy to grow bigger.<br /><br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  11. 11. Kick Off Project<br />Campaigning during kick-off period consists of:<br />Logo and slides of the idea settled by Mar 13,<br />Personal approach to friends and relatives started by Mar 13,<br />Website as main reference of information created by Mar 20,<br />Social online media account on Facebook and Twitter created by Mar 20.<br />During kick-off period, our focus is more towards personal approaches to friends who want to donate individually.<br />Although website and social online media accounts are created by Mar 20, we are going to grand launch it once we have finished our kick-off project. <br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  12. 12. Kick Off Project<br />Collecting process during kick-off period consists of:<br />Storage spaces confirmed by Mar 13,<br />As the amount of computers is small, transportation will be solved on case by case basis,<br />Donator will receive a simple thank you letter from our team and a button pin as token of appreciation.<br />During kick-off period, we can only receive:<br />Working computers or their working parts,<br />Computers or parts which are modern enough to run Windows 98 or higher.<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  13. 13. Kick Off Project<br />During kick-off period, what we are going to install are:<br />Operating system (Windows 98 or Linux),<br />Open source document processing software,<br />Open source basic multimedia software,<br />Open source basic digital art processing software,<br />Open source education content (offline wikipedia etc.),<br />Refurbishing process during kick-off period consists of:<br />Find and settle operating system and software to be installed by Mar 25,<br />Start installing operating system and software to the computers by Mar 27,<br />Finish installing operating system and software to the computers by Apr 3.<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  14. 14. Kick Off Project<br />Out initial consideration are focused but not limited to:<br />Rumah Pintar Satoe Indonesia, Pangalengan, Bandung,<br />SD Pawenang, Desa Pawenang, Cibadak, Sukabumi.<br />Distributing process during kick-off period consists of:<br />Develop a 3 to 5 pages info about beneficiaries by Mar 27,<br />Beneficiaries settled by Apr 3,<br />Deliver computers on Apr 9 - 10.<br />During kick-off period, we expect these requirements from beneficiary:<br />Located around Bandung, Indonesia,<br />Ready to support electricity for at least 5 computers,<br />Ready to provide a space and furniture for at least 5 computers,<br />Have at least 1 computer-literate facilitator to be a care taker of the computers.<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  15. 15. Kick Off Project<br />Apr<br />Mar<br />11.<br />04.<br />28.<br />21.<br />14.<br />07.<br />28.<br />18.<br />25.<br />In Charge<br />Action Step <br />Samuel<br />Brian<br />Everyone<br />Samuel/Petra<br />Brian<br />Everyone<br />Brian/Andra<br />Petra/Andra<br />Petra/Andra<br />Radix/Dimas<br />Radix/Dimas<br />Radix/Dimas<br />Campaigning<br /><ul><li>Create logo
  16. 16. Write slides of idea
  17. 17. Reach out to friends
  18. 18. Develop website and online socmed accounts</li></ul>Collecting<br /><ul><li>Confirm storage space
  19. 19. Reach out to friends and relatives
  20. 20. Send thank you letter and button pin</li></ul>Refurbishing<br /><ul><li>Find operating system and software
  21. 21. Install operating system and software</li></ul>Distributing<br /><ul><li>Develop plan and info about beneficiaries
  22. 22. Settle beneficiaries
  23. 23. Distribute computers</li></ul>Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  24. 24. DIMAS Harry Priawan is currently working as an Engineer at STMicroelectronics, Singapore. He obtained his Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University and was elected as the first Indonesian President of the NTU Students’ Union Executive Committee in his final year. He was the recipient of the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)-Singapore International Foundation, MOE-ASEAN Pre-University, and MOE-ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship. He is actively involved in organizing various arts, sports, social, and charity events within NTU and Indonesian society in Singapore. He believes that a holistic education is the key for human development and progress.<br />The Team<br />BRIAN Marshal is an ASEAN Scholar finishing his study in Computer Science at Nanyang Technological University. In 2007, he received a bronze medal in International Olympiad in Informatics. Since then, he started actively coaching and organizing things related to computing and olympiad. Currently,he is the alumni coordinator of Indonesian Computing Olympiad Team. Apart from his study and work in computing, he spends most of his time in leadership activities. In 2010, he was elected as the 8th President of Pelajar Indonesia NTU. And early in 2011, he was nominated as IT Youth Leader by Singapore Computer Society and Young Leaders for Indonesia by McKinsey & Company.<br />PETRA Novandi Barus is currently completing Master Degree in Informatics Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung as one of first steps in pursuing his dream to become a computer science educator. Since undergraduate he enjoyed working on creative independent IT projects, one of which brought him nominated for Indonesia ICT Award 2010. He also took part in tutoring for Indonesia Computer Olympiad Team and then developed a learning site that aims at introducing the fun of computer programming to high school students. Today, he is mostly involved in Bandung local online communities as his vision for the city to develop into the largest creative city in Indonesia.<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  25. 25. SAMUEL Ruby Rianto is a graduate from School of Art, Design, and Media, Nanyang Technological University; majoring in Digital Animation. Back in university, he was actively involved in both Indonesian and international organizations, including Pelajar Indonesia NTU and NTU Students’ Union. Performing music, writing, and making short films are what he enjoys most and has been doing it for God knows how many years; and it is one of his ways to stay in entertainment and media industry and to pursue career in that area later on. Today, he is an editor at The Reel Thing Pte Ltd, which produces television commercials and corporate videos to both local and international media.<br />The Team<br />RADIX Hidayat has studied Industrial Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung with a Bachelor Degree. He spent his college days in various student organizations, notably The Student Board, and also an active volunteer in Komunitas Sahabat Kota, a local education initiative. He believes strongly in the power of dreams and collaboration. A changemaker and influencer wannabe, he is currently the curator at TEDxBandung. Now, he is working at SalingSilang, an IT startup company working around internet and social media industry, and placed in a special project to extract knowledge from various civil initiatives and make it very easy to be replicated.<br />YUANDRA Ismiraldi gained Bachelor and Master Degree in Informatics Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung fast-track programme. A technology enthusiast with a passion of making life better using IT, now he is co-founding a mobile startup company focusing on apps that brings a new way for using smartphones. During his free time away from a plethora of IT software engineering projects, he likes to be active and hanging around in various Indonesian tech, startup, and creative communities. Currently taking up food-hunting as a primary part time job, food-photography as a secondary part time job, and aspiring to write a book about culinary adventure.<br />Background<br />Solution<br />Vision<br />Action<br />Kick Off Project<br />The Team<br />
  26. 26. Contact<br />Website<br /><br />Email<br /><br />Twitter<br /><br />Facebook<br /><br />Slides of The Idea, Brian Marshal, 17 March 2011<br />