LMPS Walk evaluation August 2010


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LMPS Walk evaluation August 2010

  1. 1. Feedback from our North London Mural Walk in Kings Cross on Sunday 16th August 2010 Why did you come on this walk today? • I am interested in the history and sights of Kings Cross as a resident. • General interest in the built environment and street art. • I’ve enjoyed previous walks, I’m interested in the work of the Society and I wanted to see other murals and other neighbourhoods. • I was one of the muralists who worked on one of the projects. I know a lot of the murals and muralists who worked on them and it was a trip down memory lane. • I’m interested in the London you miss through routine. • Meet up with friends from (website). • To discover and learn about murals I didn’t know before. Also to learn about the condition of other murals. • Having just moved into the area it is a good way to see some of the history and learn something new. Also to support the good work being done. • Nice change for a Sunday afternoon. • I was curious to know more about the area where I live. • Everyone wanted to come to another walk in London, with about a third of people preferring central and North London. • Most people had never been on a similar walk before. Most of the rest talked about the 2008 Brixton Murals walk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brixton_murals
  2. 2. Somewhat Not at all A lot I have developed an increased interest in something I knew little about before. I feel motivated to do something else related to what I have seen today. This walk helped me to understand more about the local area and its people. This walk is an imaginative and exciting thing to do. What has this walk made you feel any differently, or more strongly about? • It made me aware of these murals that I didn’t know about before. • How we can improve our urban spaces and raise interest in them. • It is a good little walk around the lesser streets of London - with added history. • To do what is possible to try and preserve all the hard work that has gone into the works seen today and the others yet to be seen. • Liaison between Muralists and Developers would be good. • How murals fit into the urban landscape. • I would love to meet up with the Muralists again. It’s good to know that people still feel passionate about them and gives me hope that I could once again play a part in restoring them. What would you tell a friend about this walk, and about the London Mural Preservation Society? • There is a body of knowledge held within the LMPS and it’s good to get to know more about the project. • It was fun and I learnt something about murals and why these were created, also about why some are decaying. • This is a very important Society for anyone who cares about murals in London. • Cool, sociable interesting urban walk. • It was a great way to lean about local recent and long term history and to meet people with like interests.