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Local Authority Support For neighbourhood Planning


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Luisa McIntosh, North Kesteven District Council

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Local Authority Support For neighbourhood Planning

  1. 1. Support for Neighbourhood Planning Luisa McIntosh, Partnerships Manager North Kesteven District Council
  2. 2. Support for Neighbourhood Planning • Neighbourhood Planning in North Kesteven • A Local Planning Authority’s duty to support • North Kesteven’s approach and support provided • Before you start…. • Lessons learnt and other pointers
  3. 3. Neighbourhood Planning in North Kesteven • 10 (nearly 11) designated areas • 1 made Plan • 2 pre-submission • 4 Plans at draft • 5 areas considering designation
  4. 4. A Local Planning Authority’s duty to support: The local planning authority will: •Organise and fund the independent examination •Organise and fund the neighbourhood planning referendum •Make the plan. The local planning authority must: •Take decisions at all key stages in the neighbourhood planning process •Provide advice or assistance to groups producing a neighbourhood plan or order.
  5. 5. North Kesteven’s approach • Support provided as requested • Multi function team as point of contact • Support initial discussions • Conduit to others • Provide access to expertise
  6. 6. Support from North Kesteven • General support: • Largescale maps • Copies of reports/strategies/studies • Guidance on consultation • Access to technical support: • Analysis of data • Pre-submission checks
  7. 7. Before you start… •Do we NEED a Neighbourhood Plan or Development Order? •If we do, WHY do we need one? •What do we want to achieve? •What does the community think? Is neighbourhood planning right for your community? Four very important questions to ask before you start:
  8. 8. Lessons learnt and other pointers • Work with the local authority • Work to a realistic timescale and accept that things take time… • Involve and engage as widely as possible • Create clear reporting mechanisms • Join online forums and make use of the tools on offer • Read made plans!
  9. 9. Lessons learnt and other pointers Try to avoid: •Covering every eventuality •Duplicating other planning documents •Unsupported statements A neighbourhood plan should be evidence based, locally relevant, proportionate and targeted. Preparing a neighbourhood plan takes time, effort, considerable tact and diplomacy…but it’s worth it!
  10. 10. Thank you for listening Any questions (for James)?