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Investor Community Entrepreneur Plan


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Investor Community Entrepreneur Plan

  1. 1. Community Cash™ Claim A CommunityCommunity Entrepreneur Investor Plan
  2. 2. How It Works Community Cash Investor Entrepreneur How It Works… About Invest With Us Purchase Our Common Stock Claim Your City Community Generate Your R.O.I.
  3. 3. CommunityCash.Com Online Branded Community Sites Connected To An Investors Local City or Community A Local Free Member Web Site High Tech Yet Turn-Key Offers Great Local Discounts Connected To Local Merchants In A Community The Sites Are Sold To Franchisees Generating From $26,000 To $585,000 Of Yearly Gross Potential Each.
  4. 4. Investing With UsPurchase Our Stock We Award A City
  5. 5. Purchase Shares $1 Per Share 12,500 Common Shares 25,000 Common Shares 50,000 Common Shares Awarded A Small US City Awarded A Medium US City Awarded A Large US City
  6. 6. CommunityCash Cities A City & Turn Key Online Community Generates Net Dividends & R.O.I. When Sold As Franchises Or To Future Investors.
  7. 7. Investor 100% to 200% ROI Achieved When A Franchisee Purchases An Investors City When A Future Investor Purchases A City
  8. 8. Investor Revenue 2500 US Cities • In Time Investors Gain Net Profits In Up To 2500 Cities On: • eCommerce Daily Deals • Online Local Merchant Daily Deals • Up Sale Local Merchant Advertising • Future VIP Membership Plans
  9. 9. Promo A City Investor City Promoted Investors Purchase Common Stock Then Decide To Choose City Promo Plan At $500 Per Month.
  10. 10. We Award Investors A Community City Investors Generate Quarterly Net Profits From Awarded CitiesBy Agreeing To A No Work No Manage No Hands On Monthly City Promo Plan
  11. 11. PromoParticipationBonus SharesInvestors WhoElect To Promo ACity ReceiveBonus 125,000Common & 6250Preferred SharesWhen They AgreeTo The CityPromo Plan.
  12. 12. FranchiseSalesProfitsInvestors Earn UpTo 200% ROI OnTheir Initial StockPurchase FromThe Future SaleOf TheirCommunity ToFutureFranchisees.
  13. 13. Unsold CommunitiesInterest PaidInvestors WhoPromo A CityWhoseCommunity Is NotSold Receives3%-4%-5% AboveThe PrevailingTreasury For UpTo 10 Years
  14. 14. Exit StrategyCompany I.P.O.Private InvestorsShares AreConverted ToProfit In EventThe CompanyLaunches An IPOOffering Or PaidOff In A BuyoutOffer.
  15. 15. PromoFunds$500 MonthlyPromo Fees AreReturned WhenCommunities AreSold To FutureFranchisees OrPurchased ByFuture Investors.
  16. 16. Steps To InvestQualifiedInvestors FollowAn Easy Plan ToInvest And PromoA City.
  17. 17. How Investors May Profit How Are Investors May Receive R.O.I. On Their Stock Purchases & City Promo Plan.
  18. 18. Stock PaymentPlan MethodInvestors MayStart A $500Down $500 PerMonth Plus A$500 Promo Plan.
  19. 19. Purchase Stock BonusPlan MethodInvestors MayReceive BonusShares WhenStockSubscriptions ArePaid In Advance.
  20. 20. Questions?More InformationOn Our Company?www. CommunityCash.comInfo@CommunityCash.com3960 Howard Hughes PkwySuite 500Las Vegas, NV 89169Toll Free: 866-702-7878