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Interact 5170 Testimonials


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Interact 5170 Testimonials

  1. 1. Community Service Testimonials Interact District 5170
  2. 2. Kimberly Tang, Area 2 “To me, service above self means that I am putting the needs of others before my own. It’s this act of selflessness all the Interactors express that I find so admirable. As high schoolers, we are told so often that we’re too young to be taken seriously or we’re too young to actually make a difference. Yet, Interact has proved all these assumptions wrong. We may be high school students, but by following the motto of “Service above self,” we dedicate ourselves to serving others. We seek the change we want to make, and we work towards that change. We realize that there are others who are less fortunate than us and we realize that we can help them. We never give up on serving others. I’ve realized that I love doing service. Service has transformed me from that shy girl hiding behind her friends to someone who connects with her community, seeking to be that change she wishes to see in the world. The fact that we are making differences in so many lives is simply amazing. It’s hard to describe everything we’ve done, but you can see it through the lives that we’ve affected and the impacts we’ve made. High school may be ending for me, but service will stay with me forever.”
  3. 3. Shivani Soni, Area 5 “Although it is Interact’s motto, ‘Service above Self’ is not simply a profound maxim that we say to one another and it is not confined to those in our respective areas and district. Whether we realize it or not, this slogan permeates throughout all the other aspects of our lives as well. When one joins Interact, he or she does not merely step into a club that does service. Interact is an outlet for individuals whose’ goal is to better the lives of people in our community, country, and world. This three-word saying defines Interact and its members as a whole. The club consists of altruistic, driven, and passionate individuals. Interact has helped me emulate these qualities and has taught me to inspire people in my club to do the same. Interact helped me realize that I am much more privileged than most people and it is about time that I give back to the community that has fostered and supported me for so long. I knew I had to be a part of Interact, a part of something that was more significant than the bubble in which I had lived for so long. I knew we didn’t live in a perfect world, and Interact helped me embrace reality. I am now an individual who is willing to go out of my way to serve the community that continues to support me, which is why Interact makes up such a large portion of my life. I love the satisfaction that comes from doing service when you know that someone out there will have a better standard of living because of your actions, whether the people are illiterate children in Bangladesh or refugee families in Afghanistan. Being in Interact has made me realize that we, as Interactors, are not merely a group of high school students. We are a catalyst for change. We are capable of doing so much more than what meets the eye. When I do service, I try to make a difference in our community. When I do service, I try to better the lives of those who are less privileged than me. Because my Interact journey will be ending in a year, I want others to be inspired to work towards doing something for the greater good of our community as well. I want them to feel the same way I felt when I first joined the club. I want to be a part of the change we will make collectively as Interact District 5170, which is why I do service.”
  4. 4. Victoria Huynh, Area 6 “Through the countless service events of various event-types, a new kind of hope blossomed. Service was no longer a job, it became a duty. It was no longer a burden, it was a way of life. It wasn’t just a word, it became an action. The impact of Interact is not always something you see with your own eyes. Interact is sometimes something you feel with your own heart. I remember how the reignition of the Heart inspired me to create Holiday of Hope, creating care packages with hand-crafted cards, socks, mittens, hats, and packaged meals. One by one, we distributed care packages directly to the homeless of downtown San Jose. The fact that we saw the change right before us and the reactions that they gave us, constantly echoed the words in our hearts and minds- Service above self. Freshman year, I had learned and felt the essence of service, all thanks to Interact, a club-no, a family that not only empowers change, but creates it. And throughout our endeavors, we act on service. It is not just the 20 hours that you get done with to graduate high school, it is the 20 hours plus you do to create change.”
  5. 5. Alexander Nguyen, Area 6 “...What I believe “Service Above Self” means to me is helping others without receiving a reward. It's basically giving something without expecting to get some back. You put other people first then yourself last. You sacrifice everything and give your mind into what you like. You do it because it was the right thing to do. The services that I have done shaped my future goals and aspirations by not giving up because you will get to your goal step by step. Small things will lead to bigger leaps in the future and no matter what we will always be stronger together. Although my dream may break sometimes, I will never be afraid to pick up those pieces again and start beginning my journey. Interact will be for now but service will be forever in my life.”
  6. 6. Howard Wong, Area 6 "By serving others, I can inspire the uninspired, be limitless, & lead by example." This exact quote is not used often by the people around us but they all are the epitomes of the specific aspects in that quote. What service means to me is spending a bit of one's time or sacrificing something important for someone else without hoping or knowing a reward is granted. Service is the main root of Interact, Rotaract, and the motivation of many significant individuals surrounding our daily lives. I believe we need service in this world because everyone at some point in their life needs a helping hand, big or small, and with service, it can bring change to unfortunate individuals, a better community, and with the domino effect in play, an even greater Earth for us to live on. Something as simple as service has changed me by affecting my perspective on how I view aspects of life and how much of a difference I can make, in addition, to everyone else who does service, empowering everything we initiate and act on.”
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