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Peace One Day


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Notre Dame Schools around the world celebrate the International Day of Peace on the 21st September.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Peace One Day

  1. 1. On 21/09 Notre Dame Schools celebrate the International Day of Peace
  2. 2. Villa Julie Residence Stevenson, Maryland Simplicity resembles that beautiful flower called the sunflower, which follows the sun and ever turns toward it. So, too, the mind and heart of the one who possesses simplicity are always turned towards God. St. Julie Billiart .
  3. 3. Notre Dame Virtual School .
  4. 4. St. Patrick’s School Lowell, Massachusetts .
  5. 5. Notre Dame, Belmont, California .
  6. 6. Notre Dame Academy Worcester, Massachusetts .
  7. 7. St. Augustine's School Andover, Massachusetts .
  8. 8. Academy of Notre Dame Villanova, Pennsylvania .
  9. 9. Emmanuel College Boston, Massachusetts .
  10. 10. Notre Dame Catholic College Liverpool .
  11. 11. Notre Dame, Norwich .
  12. 12. Notre Dame High School, Plymouth .
  13. 13. Notre Dame, London .