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Most important strategic issues for European Communication Monitor - ECM 2012 - Results


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Most important strategic issues for communication management until 2015 Coping with the digital evolution and the social web 46.3% Linking business strategy and communication 44.1% Matching the need to address more audiences and channels with 33.8% limited resources Strengthening the role of the communications function in 33.8% supporting top-management decision making Building and maintaining trust 32.2% Dealing with the demand for more transparency and active 23.4% audiences Supporting organisational change 21.7% Dealing with sustainable development and social responsibility 20.7% Redefining the relationship between marketing and corporate 15.7% communications Expanding listening and monitoring capabilities, internally and 14.9% externally Developing organisational structures for coordinating 13.5% communication activities across countries and / Zerfass et al. 2012 / n = 2,185 PR professionals. Q 9: Please pick those three issues which you believe will be most important 54for public relations / communication management within the next three years! Figure displays percentage of respondents who chose items as Top-3 issue.

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