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How European communication professionals spend European Communication Monitor - ECM 2012 - Results


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How European communication professionals spend their productive time at work Aligning communication, the organisation/client and its stakeholders Operational communication (studying business and social research reports, (talking to colleagues and identifying organisational goals, monitoring journalists, writing press releases public issues and stakeholder expectations, and print/online texts, producing debating visions and business strategies with communication media, monitoring top management and other departments, results of our activities, organising developing scenarios, building legitimacy) 37.0% events etc.) 19.3% Coaching, training and educating 14.7% members of the organisation or clients 29.0% (on the vision, mission and other Managing communication activities communication related issues as well as and co-workers upgrading their communicative competence, (planning, organising, leading staff, preparing them for communicating with the budgeting, evaluating processes and media, stakeholders etc.) strategies, justifying communication spending, preparing for crises) / Zerfass et al. 2012 / n = 2,185 PR professionals. Q 7: Please think about how you spend most of your time at work. Pleasedivide your productive time spent at work (values should add up to 100%). In a typical week, I spend the following amount of time with … Scale 0%, 10%, …, 46100%. Figure displays median for each item; values have been rounded based on mean values.

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