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Integrating communications: Organisations have more European Communication Monitor - ECM 2012 - Results


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Integrating communications: Organisations have more touchpoints than ever; many pursue strategic leadership while supporting multiple voices and images Compared to five years ago, we have more touchpoints with our 81.7% publics Compared to five years ago, we have less control over our message 43.2% It is the job of communication/PR to define the corporate/ 70.8% organisational voice across all media Corporate/organisational voice is created by all organisational 74.1% members interacting with stakeholders The central communication function defines overall strategic guidelines and messages, which others adapt for their own 71.2% situation We shape the same and consistent image for all stakeholders 50.6% We stimulate several perceptions simultaneously and sequentially 58.3% to address different stakeholder / Zerfass et al. 2012 / n = 2,185 PR professionals. Q 8: To what extent do these statements describe the situation in yourorganisation? Scale 1 (strongly disagree) − 5 (totally agree). Considered scale points 4-5. 44

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