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Today‘s codes of ethics are criticised by one third of the respondents Communication professionals in Europe Country-by-country analysis Netherlands (30.4%) 31.7% Spain (45.2%) 50% Germany (20.9%) state that typical codes of ethics provided Serbia (36.2%) Belgium (28.2%) by the PR profession are outdated today Italy (38.2%) 0% France (41.1%) Norway (19.5%) Switzerland (21.1%) Finland (19.5%) United Kingdom (33.8%) Sweden (26.1%) / Zerfass et al. 2012 / n = 2,185 PR professionals. Q 2: What do you think of these statements? Typical codes of ethicsprovided by the PR profession are outdated today. Scale 1 (strongly disagree) – 5 (totally agree). Considered scale points 4-5. 31

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