Life cycle of talent


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Short presentation delivered to HR Managers about Gen Y in Singapore and the wave of changes headed their way. Thank you to Cubiks, Malaysia for the opportunity to share.

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Life cycle of talent

  1. 1. Life Cycle of Talent Managing Across Generations Michael Netzley, PhD
  2. 2. Identifying Talent
  3. 3. Nurturing Talent
  4. 4. Competing for Talent
  5. 5. FT: Changing Employee Preferences Multinational companies are losing their image as China’s best employers and are increasingly struggling to compete for local staff with mainland Chinese groups…. Management and human relations professionals in China say it is harder for foreign companies to attract and retain senior managers who are Chinese.
  6. 6. Retaining Talent
  7. 7. Meet Gen Y
  8. 8. Socializing a Digital Native • The average college grad starting work – 5,000 hours of video games on average – 250,000 email, instant, and text messages – 10,000 hours of hand phone use – 3,500 hours of time on-line • ―Today’s younger workers are not little us-es.‖ Pew Research, Digital Natives Invade the Workplace, 2006
  9. 9. Asia’s Gen X Characteristics • Not as different from their parents as Gen Xers in other parts of the world – High expectations for career progression, pay, and material possessions (Singapore dream) – They are less job-loyal – They as brand-loyal as their parents – They are more receptive to media than other Gen X populations (e.g., North America)
  10. 10. Asia’s Gen Y Characteristics • Singapore’s Gen Y population does differ from Gen X and Baby Boomers – Speed: grown-up with compressed time (2 minute noodles, Internet, and text messages – Stimulation: Xbox, World of Warcraft, multimedia presentations, instant choice – Gen Y means that they, ―ask why?‖ – Control: custom computers, latte to order, etc – Constant technology and access
  11. 11. Gen X Gen Y Style Similar to parents Eye-catching; fun Content Get to the point—what do I need to know? If and when I need, I will look it up online Context Relevance to what matters to me Relevance to now, today, and my role Attitude Less job-loyal than parents; cut-above-the- rest mentality OK with authority that earns their respect Tactics Media; some face-to-face meetings, games, online Online; wired; seamlessly connected Speed Immediate; when I need it Five minutes ago Frequency Whenever Constant
  12. 12. Gen Y Wave Coming at You
  13. 13. Three Questions
  14. 14. Assignments and Giving Feedback
  15. 15. Employee Communication
  16. 16. Management Style
  17. 17. My Business Card