Mark Letcher: New ways of sharing Game Changing Ideas


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Presentation from the Communicate 2011 Delegate Showcase, 3rd November 2011. Communicate is hosted by the Bristol Natural History Consortium.

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  • Responses to the question - what do you think of politicians? Why in a democracy?
  • Politicians have been listening to psychiatrists Much better at communicating than we realise. About what they say, how they say it, where they say it.
  • Though consciously we may be sceptical, unconsciously want to believe
  • When look at the major problems we now face Climate change, energy security, natural world and food security Obvious that we need an injection of new ideas.
  • When response to the financial crisis is to return to set of conditions that created the problem in the first place the need for new ideas and new understanding becomes more acute.
  • Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that sustainable economic growth is a contradiction in terms. We live in an increasingly noisy world. We invent new ways of presenting and delivering information all the time
  • Question is how can we communicate new ideas and cut through the spin?
  • One way is go back to talking directly to one another or as close as we can get. TED Technology, Entertainment and Design is doing this very well. Leading speakers from around the world, to give short talks and provide very high quality films for free on-line.
  • Inspired by TED we wanted to do the same in Bristol.
  • Four themes
  • Bringing together leading thinkers and doers, from Bristol and UK to give short talks which we could make available for free on-line.
  • Topics ranged from how we can fund the Green Transition to creating urban wild spaces, climate refugees to zero carbon homes, and how we can reclaim residential streets for play
  • In June 2012 our theme will be Growth on a Finite Planet - already lining up some of the leading thinkers and communicators on this issue. Does it replace some to the things we have been hearing about today, or more traditional ways of communicating new ideas? No, but we think it forms a useful addition.
  • That’s what I wanted to share with you today. Thank you.
  • Mark Letcher: New ways of sharing Game Changing Ideas

    1. 1. New ways of sharinggame changing ideas Mark Letcher - Climate Works Ltd
    2. 2. UntrustworthyLiar Dislike Selfish Greedy Hate Politicians?
    3. 3. Mush!
    4. 4. Greenest Gov’t Raise speed limit Ever! to 80mph!Expectation Mind the gap! Reality
    5. 5. Climate changeEnergy securityNatural worldFood security
    6. 6. Mirror - 29th October 2011
    7. 7. Cutting through the spinPlanes over Heathrowsupport sceptics:Theory of gravity ishoax.Planes spotted flying over Heathrowhave provided further support forgravity sceptics that the theory is aconspiracy and hoax designed tokeep physicists in work and sell A plane takes off from Heathrow disproving the theory of gravitynanny state safety equipment.
    8. 8. Short talks, big ideas
    9. 9. Climate change Energy securityFood security Natural world
    10. 10. Leading thinkers & doers
    11. 11. Short 5 to 12 mins Live audience
    12. 12. ‘Passionate, inspiring & informative’, ‘Radical’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Inspirational’.
    13. 13. Growth on a finite planet. GreenTalk June 2012
    14. 14. Mark Letcher - Climate Works Ltd