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What's new with our accounts


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What's new with our accounts

  1. 1. Whats new with ourAccounts?
  2. 2. Account News VW Latin America VW hired Media 8 to create and manage their Social Media platform for Latin America. Main Goals: • Establish long term communication channels to engage emotionally with VW Fans. • Communicate Points of Difference / Advantages with content and tools. • Support Branding and Marketing Campaigns, and PR initiatives. • Increase Test Drives, Purchase Consideration and Conversions. • Support Customer Service, increasing satisfaction and loyalty. • Provide a space for VW Fans to share their experiences and stories. • The channels that will be used are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Spanish and English (for the Caribbean markets).
  3. 3. Account News VW Latin America CONCEPT Applying the core Brand Values of INNOVATION, VALUE and RESPONSIBILITY to every step of the process, VW provides a better car experience for the drivers and their loved ones, becoming in time one of the characters in the narrative of their lives. The driver and “Das Auto” live and share stories together. Isnt that what Social Media is all about?
  4. 4. Account News VW Latin America SERVICES Full Social Media Services, except media buying and planning: • Social Media Strategy • Creative, Content and Applications Development • Community Management • Guidelines and Rules of Engagement • Social Media Campaigns and Activations • Integration with Online and Offline Platforms • Analytics and Reporting • Monitoring of VW presence in the region
  5. 5. Account News Puerto Rico Tourism Company