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What is brandtology sean levisman


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What is brandtology sean levisman

  1. 1. Presenting today: Sean LevismanSocial Media Community Manager
  2. 2. BrandtologyWhat?• Global Online BusinessIntelligence Services Provider• Digital ConversationManagement System• Brand Monitoring andBuzz/Sentiment Analysis
  3. 3. BrandtologyKey Takeaways:•Tracking/measuring marketing initiatives•Identify which marketing media channels work andwhich don’t•Identify the who, what & where of online buzz –topics, key influencers, sales leads•Diagnose and manage brand reputation
  4. 4. BrandtologyKey Takeaways:• Increase and improve buzz of existing PR initiatives• Identify new market segment or opportunitiesbefore competitors• Key insights – topics, sentiments & keywords toimprove search engine optimization of yourwebsites.
  5. 5. BrandtologyWhy it Matters to Us: Happy Clients!• Gaining actionable business insights and maximizing ROI for our clients• Making sense of existing marketing initiatives and discovering new opportunities• Developing competitive intelligence for benchmarking purposes