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Sem team structure pablo franzolini


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Sem team structure pablo franzolini

  1. 1. Knowing our Teams Search Marketing
  2. 2. SEM Team Pablo Franzolini Search Marketing Pierre Uribe Manager SEM / SEO AnalystAndrea Vaudagna Romina Castiella SEM Analyst Jr. SEM Analyst Michael Schott Associate Search Antonio Safadi Manager Jr. SEM Analyst
  3. 3. SEMChannels-Areas:-Google -Yahoo-Bing -Facebook-LinkedIn -YouTube-Twitter -SEO
  4. 4. SEM – SEOSome capabilities:- Strategy / Proposals- Activation Plans / preliminary Kw lists- Budget Scenarios/Volume Scenarios- Site analysis (SEO Perspective)- Market opportunities- Client / Industry seasonality- Optimizations- Landing Page optimization (SEO/SEM Perspective)