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Comms Group Brochure


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Comms Group (UK) Ltd Corporate Brochure.

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Comms Group Brochure

  2. 2. THE COMPLETECOMMUNICATIONSCOMPANYHere at Comms Group we are a COMMSGROUPtruly independent communicationscompany. We can offer you servicesranging from Telephone Systems,Broadband, I.T. Services through toDesign and Marketing Solutions.Based in Northampton are abusiness to business only providergiving specialist advice for eachservice guaranteeing a professionalsolution each and every time.
  3. 3. Welcome. CONTENTS.Comms Group provides a range of communications Telecom Services 1services from fully supported Avaya and Panasonic Telephone Systems 2phone systems to internet data services ande-commerce website/graphic design and maintenance. Telephone Hardware 3If you need general advice, mobiles, landlines, billing analysis, system IT Solutions 4design, equipment, cabling, maintenance, repairs, installations,upgrades, IT support, email systems, website design and hosting or Oak Recording 5database support, we can help. Oak Reporting 6Whether you have a one-off requirement or want to take advantage ofour wide-ranging expertise and use us as a one-stop shop for all your Maintenance & Support 7technology support, we’ll be glad to help. Our specialists talk your Data & Networking 8language, whether you’re a technology expert or a businessperson. Partner Programme 9We can help you cut costs, create efficiencies and make yoursystems work for you to deliver competitive edge and excellent Vehicle Tracking 10customer service. Web Design 11 Graphic Design 12OUR SERVICES. Contact Us 13• BT Wholesale Landline Services• O2, Orange & Vodafone Business Mobile Solutions• Avaya Telephone Systems - Distribution, Installation & Support• Panasonic Telephone Systems - Distribution, Installation & Support• Broadband, EFM and Leased Line - Solutions & Support• I.T Managed Solutions - Supply & Support• Fibre & Data Networking - Distribution• Fibre & Data Networking - Installation & Support• Graphic, Web Design & Print Solutions• Web Development & Ecommerce Solutions• Company branding & Marketing Solutions
  4. 4. TelecomSERVICES
  5. 5. Telecom ServicesComms Group are specialists in creating and maintaining viableand cost efficient telecoms solutions for our customers ranging fromSOHO and Sole traders to Multi-National Blue Chip companies.Fixed Line/Landline Services Mobile Phone SolutionsAs a provider of BT Wholesale line products, we are very Comms Group has independent access to the 4 major mobilecompetitive and able to advise on the best line configuration networks, O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and to all majorfor each client; ensuring that both the most efficient workflow handset manufacturers. This enables us to treat each of ourand cost levels are achieved for each and every telephone line customers as the individuals they are and to cater to theiror call coming into or out of your premises. We can offer cost specific requirements. Free analysis is exactly what each usersavings in the region of 30% against BT call charges and at needs from their mobile device and then tailor a tariff andleast 10% on line rentals. We are your first point of call in every handset to suit each individual. At all times makinginstance regarding your telephone lines and call traffic. We recommendations based upon the two major factors that arealways answer the phone within 5 rings and you will speak to important to any mobile customer – cost and service.someone who is able to deal with your query, no overseas callcentres, we provide simply efficient UK support. We are able toprovision all line types & services available from BT with no Broadband & Leased Linesdowntime for your business. Comms Group also has access to the latest ADSL 2+ broadband products which offer speeds of up to 24 Mbps on download and up to 2.5 Mbps upload. We also provide aIP (VoIP) Solutions comprehensive range of Leased Line services up to 100mb forThe latest “buzz” word/products to enter into the telecoms 100% dedicated connectivity backed up by SLA’ is IP telephony or otherwise known as VoIP We are able .to advise on the latest IP solutions including SIP trunks andhosted PBX services.• Cost effective telephony - our tariffs are among the most competitive in the industry• Available anywhere in the world – with CPS and WLR• Simple migration - no new equipment or the hassle of dialing extra digits• Keep the same BT number - as you can keep your BT number, the transition is disruption-free. PAGE 4
  6. 6. TelephoneSYSTEMS
  7. 7. Telephone SystemsComms Group is an approved supplier, installer and maintainerof the Avaya, Panasonic & Samsung range of business telephonesystems and handsets. We provide professional businesstelephone system services to many major UK companies.Whether you’re interested in upgrading your current telephone Comms Group specialise in the supply, installation, supportsystem or need advice on installation of digital or analogue and maintenance of a range of telephone systems from thelines, we are here to help. We understand the everyday world’s largest and most respected telecommunicationsproblems businesses face today, and as such we work closely equipment manufacturers including Avaya, BT, Polycom,with all our clients to implement fully integrated Panasonic and Samsung.communications solutions. We also implement additional features like voice-mail,Our reliable portfolios, unrivalled market intelligence and computer telephony integration, call management software,engineering experience enables us to give up-to-date call logging and call recording systems. Because of our wideinformation on how to lower your costs, realise technological range of experience and our commitment to service, we areadvances effectively and increase your overall efficiency. This the choice telephone systems provider for many small tocan be complimented by our support packages. medium sized businesses. The result of a non-professional telephone system is customer frustration, missed opportunities and an overall bad impression of the business PAGE 6
  8. 8. TelecomHARDWARE
  9. 9. Telecom HardwareWe are an approved supplier and installer of the Avaya IP Office,Panasonic and Samsung range of business telephone systemsand solutions.You can be assured of expert advice and next day delivery of acomprehensive range of telecoms products ranging from Business Partnershandsets, headsets, telephone systems, conference units, Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems.expansion modules, data products and much more. Equipped The company provides unified communications, contactto provide professional business telecoms services, we have centres and related services directly, and through its channelclients both large and small. From small businesses, SME’s, partners to leading businesses and organizations around thethrough to large multinational corporations, we have the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya forknowledge and wealth of experience to advise on and state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency,implement solutions bespoke to the client’s needs. collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.Customer Benefits Panasonic• Ordering up to 4.30pm for guaranteed next day delivery Every business communication requirement is different. Whether you need a simple, analogue system with traditional• Excellent stock levels of refurbished and new equipment desk based handsets, or an advanced IP based network• Friendly, customer focussed sales staff with direct communications platform, Panasonic has an office telephone telephone numbers system that can fit your business needs. Focusing on ease of• Pre and post sales technical support use, excellent audio quality and superb reliability, Panasonic telephone systems can be configured in a variety of different• Trade 30 day credit account facilities available. ways to ensure you get a solution that meets your specific requirements.Supply/DistributionWe hold a large stock of new and refurbished Telecomsequipment available for next day delivery, all of which comeswith a full warranty. The comprehensive stock comprises ofAvaya, Panasonic, Samsung, Plantronics and Polycomproducts. We are able to offer pre-sales support and adviceensuring the correct products are supplied every time. As anefficient scaleable distributor you can be assured that we willwork with you by being your supplier of choice. We strive to gothat extra mile, finding those hard to get market products, PAGE 8forecasting products in demand, securing products inconstraint. We offer the personal 1-2-1 service that the largeDistributors fail to do whilst still maintaining that pricecompetitive edge over them.
  10. 10. I.T.SOLUTIONS
  11. 11. I.T. SolutionsAt Comms Group we provide a variety of turn-key IT projects for ourclients. Our clients naturally demand strong, reliable IT infrastructurethat boosts capability and adds value to their business.We can offer infrastructure audits, IT strategy consultancy as wellas end-to-end custom solutions on individual IT projects. We can Fixed Hourly Packagedesign, manage and install entire projects or offer individual Customers can make an advance purchase of hours at a rateservice elements from specialist expertise on networks, servers or significantly below our standard time and materials rates. Whensecurity to temporary resources for additional assistance for you make a support request, these hours or half hourly incrementshardware deployment for example. thereof are deducted from the pool of existing hours you have purchased, until they are exhausted.Maintenance & Response Customers are able to exhaust the available number of hours on any given project requiring labour, including new installations asBy having our annual maintenance support contract, you gain the well as corrective or remedial work. Customers who have built upbenefit of having specialist help on call to quickly resolve any a history of trading with will be allowed to exceed the number ofissues or problems as and if they arose whilst you remained focus hours remaining in their pool and be invoiced for the additionalon your core business. By taking the whole responsibility for ones used at the same rates as if they had been purchased in themaintaining your computer systems we would seek to make them pool. Hours are purchased in increments of 10’s or 20’ efficient and stable as possible, whether it’s hardware, softwareor your network. You would also gain knowledge that by taking can do:advantage of our fixed price solution then you could accurately What webudget for your maintenance support package, regardless of theproblems that may occur.We have found that a programme of good housekeeping and port • IT. Sup ecksregular equipment monitoring is always the best method to ensure Health Ch . Audits /computer system and network stability. This method has proved • IT n Installatiosuccessful for many clients and greatly reduces the number of • Server Support)emergency fault calls. (One-off • Breakfix gFixed Contract Package eb Filterin • Email / W rchiving • Email AAn annually charged fixed cost service encompassing response ackuptimes under a 4 and 8-hour arrangement. This provides thehighest level of service offered and provides our clients with the • Online B s d Antiviru • Manage onsultanc ypinnacle of technical support. Customers entering into this contract jects & Cwill be entitled to the highest priority of response rates. Customers • IT. Pro . Hardwa re PAGE 10of fixed contract services are also able to benefit from quarterly orhalf yearly maintenance visits for proactive servicing of their • Sup ply of ITequipment.
  12. 12. OakRECORDING
  13. 13. Oak RecordingRecord is a comprehensive extension and line side recordingsolution packed with innovative features to search, record, playand archive calls.Leading edge web technologies ensure that Record is the mostpowerful yet easiest to use call recording solution available. • Resolve Disputes Find calls quickly and emails an extract of the call toRecord is designed to enhance your business by enabling you your client to confirm contract detailsto deliver the best possible service to your customers.By recording all telephone orders or discussions, you can • Demonstrate Compliancequickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed. This For many organisations it is necessary to show that FSAenables any disputes to be quickly resolved and for the rules have been followed.customer to be retained for future business. It also means theavoidance of time-consuming litigation. • Monitor Quality Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealtRecord also works alongside your staff to help them with professionally at all timesdevelop their customer service skills as well as drive new salesthrough better telesales techniques. • Improve PerformanceRecord meets the regulatory requirements designed by the FSA Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesalesand by other regulatory bodies. It is also updated techniquesregularly to ensure that it continues to meet the latestregulations as and when they change. • Share Share conference calls and online meetings withUsers can securely access Record both locally and remotely business colleagues.and review recordings that their security policy allows.Record works with businesses and call centres of any size, aswell as multiple sites, to deliver the maximum benefit at themost cost effective price.Record is scalable from 4 to 480 ports per system. PAGE 12
  14. 14. OakREPORTING
  15. 15. Oak ReportingReport is a powerful reporting solution for single and multi-siteusers who want to take affordable call logging to the next level ofsophistication.It has a full range of customisable reports for cost control,response management, traffic analysis, account code billing • Reduce Costs See an immediate reduction of up to 15% in call costsand much more. Report is designed to manage and improve and drive continuing improvements in coststhe use of telecommunications throughout your business with awide and flexible range of reports that show you exactly what’sgoing on in a format that’s easy to understand and tailored to • Retain Customers Impress callers by answering their calls quickly andyour business. handling their calls effectivelyBy introducing Report, immediate cost savings of up to 15% oncalls can be realised, as well as the associated savings in staff • Increase Salestime on those calls. As a result, Report can pay for itself within Ensure increased levels of telesales activity are beingthree months. Report will quickly highlight further immediate made to drive new salessavings that can be made by terminating unused lines,redeploying unused extensions and identifying and eliminating • Improve Performanceunnecessary and private calls. Report can increase customer Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesalessatisfaction by helping you ensure that all calls are answered techniquesquickly and directed to the correct department first time. Reportcan help increase sales by ensuring telesales activity is as • Detect Fraudeffective as possible. More calls can mean more business Identify potential telephone fraud early and avoid hugeopportunities and better customer satisfaction. expenseReport will alert you quickly to any unusual telephone or trunkactivity, thus potential telephone fraud can be recognised early • Work Smarterand huge expense avoided. Report can also highlight the Reveal new opportunities to improve the way you doopportunity to increase business efficiency through the use of business.additional integrated software modules.Whether its recording calls, screen popping your contactdatabase or displaying vital call and business information on awallboard, Oak has it covered. Report works hard forbusinesses and call centres of any size, as well as multiplesites, delivering the maximum benefit at the most cost effective PAGE 14price.Oak is the UK’s leading specialist developer oftelecommunication applications software.
  16. 16. Maintenance &SUPPORT
  17. 17. Maintenance & SupportComms Group telephone maintenance helps you reduce yourorganisational costs, minimise risk of downtime and gain theconvenience of a single point of contact for the support of yourtelephone system.A typical business, school or charity invests hundreds to most likely cause for your equipment failure. If faultythousands of pounds per year on calling customers, suppliers equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, arrangements willand service providers. be made to have this delivered via courier or for remedial workIt spends equal amounts installing telephone lines and systems to be carried out by an engineer depending on the serviceto allow its personnel to talk to people directly, because when level’s hard to articulate in an e-mail, when it’s vital to ensure that As well as providing an on-call repair service for yourinformation gets through, or when a business deal is on the telephone system, Comms Group can provide user support,line, a simple phone call can make all the difference. remote configuration and pre-emptive maintenance. By remotely managing the changes to the telephone systemIf your phones go down though, configuration, communicating regularly with managers and team-leaders and monitoring the alarms and statistics that thewhat do you do? telephone system produces, we can provide a valuable serviceIt doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it can be a to any organisation – ensuring that the telecoms facilities areheart-stopping moment: the whole organisation without always delivering reliable service and the best value for money.phones! The clock’s ticking. Every minute that people cannotget through, there may be sales being lost, last-minutearrangements can’t be made and deliveries can’t be booked.You need a phone guy to get you back up and running.With Comms Group supporting and maintaining yourtelephone system, you pay an annual fee to ensure that youhave a “phone guy” to get you up and running again in theevent of a failure.Getting you up and running again is our priority. We carry alarge stock of spare parts for all the telephone systems that weinstall and support (including systems from the 80s and 90s!).Our customer service and support engineers have years oftelecoms experience to enable them to quickly determine the PAGE 16
  18. 18. Data &NETWORKING
  19. 19. Data & NetworkingComms Group networking division (Shop4Networking)incorporates the distribution of data networking equipment on anext day basis ordered through internal account managers or viathe online shop service is enhanced with the ability of our experienced information systems for data, voice or video communication.consultants in both voice and data networks to design, build, Having the right network infrastructure is therefore a strategiccommission and support network solutions. imperative for any organisation.Distribution of Networking Supplies Data/Network InstallationsThe Shop4Networking part of Comms Group provides a Our engineers are able to design and install networks basedone-stop shop for all communication products required by on Cat5e and Cat6 standards.distributor, installer or end user. You can now browse our entire The services we provide are:range online and purchase via our e-commerce site at • Relocation of existing network cabling, comms We supply all connectivity and tidies and movescontainment products suitable for the most advanced network • Installation of new cat5e/cat6 networks and additionalinfrastructures. In addition to commercial products we also cablingoffer home networking products to provide all data, telephone,internet and audio visual requirements on one integrated • Testing, troubleshooting and documentation of new andCat5e or Cat6 network. Product and technical support for all existing data/voice networkslevels from novice to expert is available from our experienced • Procurement and installation of network equipment, suchinternal and external sales staff. as switches, patch panels and comms cabinets • Office/floor moves and changes to existing networksOnline Shop • Gigabit Ethernet cabling.Next day delivery from stock and an easy to navigate shopmake it a simple experience to order your networking products. Fibre OpticsPayments can be taken either by credit/debit card or you can Comms Group is able to install andapply for a trade credit account. test fibre optic cabling solutions (suitable for high speedNetworking Services requirements) such as backbones orWe know that there is no one solution that will suit every links to remote buildings. The mainorganisation. That’s why, regardless of business size, or advantages of fibre optics areindustry sector, we work with our customers to understand their speed and being less susceptible to PAGE 18challenges to define and implement service-orientated interference than traditionalsolutions to meet their individual needs. Network infrastructure cabling the communications fabric underpinning any organisations
  20. 20. PartnerPROGRAMME
  21. 21. Partner ProgrammeAt the Comms Group we have successfully designed andimplemented the telecoms partner programme. This allows youto earn extra revenue from your existing clients without anyinvestment in time or money from yourselves.As a national provider of telecom services we provide you witha facility to sell telecom products into your customer base or Backup/Customer Caresimply allow one of our professional account managers to give Our support desk can either provide this or your customer canthem a call. We’ve identified that the majority of companies do be directed back through to you, it is entirely up to you.not utilize their customer database to the maximum thereforewe have introduced this partner scheme which has produced Commitmentsome fantastic results for all. There is no commitment; we will assist you with any enquiry you generate.How will you make money from it?The rewards are very transparent; if we convert your customer Assuranceto take up any of our services then we will pay you up to 20% You are 100% guaranteed that your customer will only beof the margin made. This is paid either as a one off payment offered telecom services and can be professionally accountor on an ongoing monthly basis* managed in a way that you require.*Ongoing commission payments are only made for land lineservicesHow does it Work?Very simply, there are two ways in which we can tailor theprogramme. The first and most common option will be tocontact your customer on your behalf explaining that we/youcan now offer business land line, mobile and telephone systemservices. We will arrange for a FREE REVIEW and GUARANTEEto save them money. The second option is for you to liaise withyour customer throughout using our services and experience,to provide the correct products to your customer. PAGE 20
  22. 22. VehicleTRACKING
  23. 23. Vehicle TrackingComms Group is an approved supplier, installer andmaintainer of the Road Angel vehicle tracking systems.A Sophisticated System Made Simple, • DriverID /business vs. private mileage • RFL due • Cam-belt replacement dueLiveTrack will help you you to: • End of warranty • MOT due• Reduce business mileage • Working hours • Out of hours usage• Reduce fuel costs • Stopped time • Fatigue• Reduce accidents and insurance costs All of this is accessible from one central location. Plus detailed• Improve and reduce vehicle maintenance mapping helps you identify and locate vehicles in real time on• Automate reporting and so streamline expense claims the same map.• Aid in your duty of care complianceAnd it will pay for itself in as little as 6 months! Reliable Web Based SystemsSimple Sophistication Designed With You in Mind Designed and built by Road Angel in-house, all of Road AngelLiveTrack’s sophisticated reporting system tells you the LIVE Fleet’s systems are designed with you in mind to ensure their userlocations of your vehicles on one map. friendly features give you all the information you need.Their geographical positions are automatically monitored every You’ll never have to worry about security with Live Track; Because60 seconds giving you ‘real-time’ reporting of their location, Road Angel Fleet’s computer systems work over an encryptedtravel direction and speed. Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure all your information isIt also provides you with a breadcrumb trail of a journey route with totally secure.speed indication, detailed journey history (including speeds), any The systems are certified by the National Policing Improvementidle time, ignition status and over speed reports. Data that will help Agency (NPIA) to AES5 which means they’re suitable for use byyour fleet operators effectively manage your vehicles and drivers. the emergency services.The Technical BitsA few things you probably didn’t know about LiveTrack’sreporting capabilities:• Current odometer reading• Service due and overdue• Vehicles with missing service details• Journey start and endpoint date, time and location• Journey summary report PAGE 22• Vehicle day summary report• Mileage records (user nominated as personal/business)• Automated email reporting
  24. 24. WebDESIGN
  25. 25. Web DesignComms Group Creative is a creative agency specialising in webdesign, development and marketing services. We strive to createexcellence in every project we deliver, no matter what the size orobjective of your marketing message.Our website development team are commercially experiencedand take time to understand your business, your unique selling We offer all supporting websiteproposition and your key target market audience before related services including:advising on a solution that will achieve the desired results. • Domain Name Registration/Hosting and E-mailWhether you’re looking for a content managed brochure • Search Engine Optimisation, Web Promotion and PRwebsite or a complex functional or ecommerce site, we have • E-mail Marketingthe capabilities to deliver quality and value every time. Building • Social Media Marketingwebsites correctly from the ground up will guarantee not onlythat the site looks good and is practical in its functionality, but • Website Appraisals and Usability Studiesone which will be found by your prospective clients and deliver • Pay Per Click Marketinga fantastic return on your investment in Internet marketing. • Flash Animations and PresentationsWebsites are the last point of call for all other forms ofbusiness marketing that you do, therefore it is imperative tohave a good website to increase your conversion rate frombrowser to client. Our design team works closely withdevelopers and search engine specialists thus making aComms Group Creative website one of the most cost effectiveforms of marketing around.Comms Group Creative use the latest website designtechnologies available making the applications robust andscalable going forward. This combined with professionalgraphic design services and Search Engine Optimisationtechniques will ensure that your clients will not only find you onthe web but will be impressed when they do. PAGE 24
  26. 26. GraphicDESIGN
  27. 27. Graphic DesignComms Group Creative specialise in Graphic Design &Marketing services. Our multi-disciplined team are all veryexperienced in delivering professional, creative design solutionsto our clients within budget and according to the brief.Our experienced in-house graphic design teamspecialise in both on and offline graphic design. We canassist with all types of graphic design from a one-offprint job through to a fully tailored package of companyidentity branding, stationary, signage, brochures, No matt er whatcatalogues, exhibition graphics, marketing materials, or creat type ofadvertising, illustrations and much more. ive mark design eting soluOur experienced team are results driven from you are tion looking fconception to development and implementation. Our or why Comms G not let roup Creclient’s tend to see a rapid return on their investments.We achieve this by working alongside our clients to ative help We offe you?understand their business, their clientele and their target r:market audience. We then offer bespoke design • Designsolutions to ensure we get your marketing message right Servicesfirst time. We listen to your ideas, develop them and • Brandinproduce an end product that you feel proud of. We do g • Corpornot offer a "one solution" fits all approach. ate Liter ature • Exhibit ion & PO S • Catalog ues • Illustrat ions PAGE 26
  28. 28. Comms Group (UK) LimitedUnit 2 IO CentreBarn WayLodge FarmNorthampton NN5 7UWTel: 0844 848 COMMSGROUP THE COMPLETE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY