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Workshops @GreenSchool


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Coral Triangle

Published in: Education
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Workshops @GreenSchool

  1. 1. Workshops@GreenSchool presents Coral Triangle Learning about our underwater environment Presented by Jenny Karmy, The Coral Triangle Center 10 December, 2015​| 8:45 | Warung 2​nd​ floor The Coral Triangle contains vibrant, colourful and exquisite coral. These rich and diverse reefs are nurseries for thousands of tropical fish species, sea turtles, whales and dolphins. The pelagic tuna fish and families of gentle manta rays find sanctuary in the Coral Triangle’s seas. These reefs provide food security and coastal protection for millions of people living in the region. Facts • 3000 species of reef fish have been discovered in the Coral Triangle • 76% of all coral species in the world are found in the Coral Triangle • 130 million people depend on the region’s reefs for food security, employment and coastal protection. • Thousands of mammals such as dolphins and whales play and important role in the region’s ecosystems About our presenter: The Coral Triangle Center CTC is a locally based Non-Profit Organisation with a regional outreach and a global impact. They are dedicated to protecting coral reef ecosystems for future generations. CTC is working towards the implementation of marine conservation parks across the region, along with training community to maintain their unique marine heritage. The Coral Triangle transforms marine resource management and safeguards the future of the Coral Triangle. They work closely with local communities, the private sector, governments and other partners to shape lasting solutions to protect coral reefs ecosystems. They provide education, training, and make sure marine parks are managed effectively. They invest in people, in livelihoods and our future. Cost of the event:​Donation based. All proceeds will go to make our environment sustainable. Further questions?​Write to us at ​