Common time mobilising-the-housing-sector


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Common time mobilising-the-housing-sector

  1. 1. Mobile Working in the HousingSector “The Challenges In order to provide theIn the current economic climate, many organisations within the Housing best possible service,Sector have been feeling the strain. One way in which organisations can housing organisationsreduce costs, improve productivity and increase efficiency is by implementing must adopt newan effective mobile working strategy. technologies that will improve efficiency and increase service levels. CommonTime provides mobile applications, device management tools and the highest levels of security across multiple device types andFrom asset inspectors to service technicians, organisations within the Housing operating systems to keepSector have a variety of departments with mobile workers. Each workerrequires access to up to date information and a need to record data that the housing industry at the ”later requires updating onto back office systems. Traditional processes for cutting collection include the use of paper forms, notebooks, photographs anddictaphones, all of which require varying degrees of manual entry and re-keying back at the office.The Solution – CommonTime MEAPCombining mobile application development tools, industry leading security,centralised administration and remote support, the CommonTime MEAP(Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) provides the complete solution toany mobile working requirement for the Housing Sector.Key Business BenefitsBenefits found when implementing mobile applications within the HousingSector include:• Improved productivity• Vast reductions in required administration time• Increased data accuracy• Improved communications• Increased worker satisfaction• Vastly improved efficiency
  2. 2. The ResultsBy mobilising paper based processes and securely integrating these into core back office systems,CommonTime’s solutions can be used to capture your data accurately and efficiently across. Mobileapplications can utilise full device functionality such as image and video capture, voice recording and GPS data,removing the need for separate recording devices. All this information can then be instantly synchronised tothe relevant databases, removing the need to rekey data. Where necessary, back office systems can be searchedfor information and this can be seamlessly integrated into the data capture process.Typical Mobile Processes for the Housing SectorCommonTime’s mobile application software can be used to support a wide variety of processes for the HousingSector including:• Asset inspection• Building integrity inspection• Gas & electric compliance reporting• Housing repair reporting• Rent & arrears management• Spot checks• Timesheet reporting• Van stock management/inventory Hover over to enlargeAn example: Our Housing Inspection Application Working closely with Housing organisations, CommonTime has developed an application to streamline the housing inspection process. It addresses the issues associated with traditional housing stock inspection procedures to increase field worker productivity, ultimately reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Inspectors are equipped with mobile handsets. Any number of surveys or questionnaires can be set up and made available to view and complete on the device. All information required in the inspection is collected electronically with any required photographs, annotations or authentication captured and appended to the electronic form. Once complete, the survey is synchronised to a back office system, instantly securing all data. No paperwork or separate evidence is required, reducing the time and money spent on returning forms and helping lower your organisation’s carbon footprint.This is just one example of an application that can be built quickly and easily using CommonTime mDesignStudio, our rapid application development tool. Working across a variety of device types and operatingsystems, our solution allows users to have as many applications as they require, allowing the mobilisation ofany business process and increasing efficiency across the board. For more Information About CommonTime To find out more about CommonTime mDesign Studio or the We are experts at mobilising workforces, CommonTime MEAP, please visit our website with experience in developing and contact or call us on: deploying line of business applications CommonTime Ltd. for mobile devices. Our customers UK: +44 (0) 1332 542 028 range from local businesses to large USA: CommonTime Inc. multinationals, across the public and Tel: 866 706 0609 (toll-free) private sectors.