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Google TV: Thoughts From Left Field


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From the 2011 AnDevCon II conference

Published in: Technology, Business
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Google TV: Thoughts From Left Field

  1. Google TV:Thoughts From Left Field Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  2. Google TV Rollout● Rolling Out Your App – Initially: Nothing ● Do not enable Google TV support until you have at least tested it in the emulator ● One chance to make a first impression – Next Tier: Not Completely Stupid ● App is usable if not ideally suited for the form factor – Ultimate: Optimized Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  3. Google TV Rollout● Example: Video Player – Nothing: Relies on swiping – Not Completely Stupid ● Focus works, can navigate with D-pad – Optimized ● Eliminate on-screen controls for play, pause, etc.; use remote instead ● Tip: get rid of extraneous focusable widgets Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  4. Google TV Business Models● App-Centric – TV app as premium offering – Cable provider partnerships ● Licensing ● Sponsorships ● Provider-supplied ads/sponsors – Show-related apps ● Video for those not able to get niche channel ● Socializing around the show, real-time Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  5. Google TV Business Models● Other Services – TV UX Expert ● Lots of phone UX experts, fewer tablet UX experts, negligible experts for TV – TV Firmware Expert ● Many smaller manufacturers may want to use the Google TV concepts in their set-top boxes and TVs ● Learn the ropes via firmware mods and kin Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  6. Features and Niches● Likely Popular Features – Sync: share content, context with other Android devices – Throw: seamless real-time sync● Likely Popular Niches – Anything video-related (duh!) – Edutainment ● Not just for children anymore! Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  7. Emulator● Step #1: Get a Nice CPU – Intel with VT extensions (e.g., Core i7) – AMD with SVM extensions● Step #2: Get Linux – No current support for Windows, OS X● Step #3: Get KVM – Virtualization engine, akin to VirtualBox, Xen Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  8. Emulator● Step #4: Get Android SDK and Tools – Google TV add-on available from SDK Manager – Use R15 Android Developer Tools!● Step #5: Create an AVD – 720p or 1080p● Live Linux USB Key Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC
  9. Debugging on Real Hardware● Configure Google TV Box – Only accepts debugger connections from 1 IP● adb connect <ipaddr> – Adds IP-based connection – Google TV box will show up in DDMS – Can use as if locally attached – Helpful if the TV is somewhere nearby... Copyright © 2011 CommonsWare, LLC