Branding On A Budget


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Brian Arndt's presentation on 11/20 "How to look like a million bucks: great branding on a budget"

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Branding On A Budget

  1. 1. Branding on a Budget presented by Brian Arndt / President Zeh Arndt Creative
  2. 2. Today’s Presentation Agency Introduction What is branding and why is it important? How can you brand on a budget? Case Studies: Burrito Boarder / Head Start How can you start branding right now? Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Who we are.
  4. 4. who we are / our agency Owners | Casey Zeh and Brian Arndt Opened for Business | August 1999 Team Members | 15 Services Branding Creative Development Traditional Advertising Non-traditional Advertising Guerilla Marketing Social Marketing Public Relations Media Planning and Placement
  5. 5. who we are / our agency International Accolades 2009 US International Film and Video Festival First Place, Gold Camera Award 2009 Telly Awards 2008 Sports Emmy Addy Awards AMPIA Awards New York Festivals Awards London International Award and past judge of Clios
  6. 6. Who we serve.
  7. 7. who we serve / from big businesses ESPN
  8. 8. who we serve / to small businesses BURRITO BOARDER
  9. 9. who we serve / from Calgary ALBERTA TOURISM
  10. 10. who we serve / to Clearwater ECKERD YOUTH ALTERNATIVES
  11. 11. who we serve / North America STARKIST
  12. 12. who we serve / Europe SWISS SOLAR SYSTEMS
  13. 13. what we do.
  14. 14. what we do We build brands by bringing to life the core beliefs, purposes, features and differentiating characteristics of businesses, organizations, products, services and people through disruptive, compelling, enduring and endearing messages.
  15. 15. simply put, we build brands.
  16. 16. What is branding?
  17. 17. what is a brand A brand is everything. It is your image, your voice, the first and last impression you communicate to anyone and everyone that comes into contact with you and your business.
  18. 18. what is a brand / it’s your building Bayfront Medical Center
  19. 19. what is a brand / it’s your building Cafe Alma
  20. 20. what is a brand / it’s your people Kentucky Trust Bank
  21. 21. what is a brand / it’s your people ESPN | X Games 15
  22. 22. what is a brand / your process Pinellas County Head Start
  23. 23. what is a brand / your process Burrito Boarder
  24. 24. what is a brand / every communication Great Explorations
  25. 25. what is a brand / every communication Baxter Medical
  26. 26. what is a brand / every communication Burrito Boarder
  27. 27. Why is branding important?
  28. 28. why is branding important? Branding brings your mission to life. For your consumers. And for everyone that plays a role in your company.
  30. 30. why is branding important? It enables you to shape and control the image of your company right from the start versus allowing the media and general public perception shape it for you.
  31. 31. why is branding important? It allows you to take ownership of a field of expertise, an emotion and/or a market.
  32. 32. why is branding important? It gives you a platform to launch all your internal and external inititatives.
  33. 33. why is branding important? Your brand says, this is what we stand for. This is what we do. This is how we do it. And this how we can make your life better. AND, because of what our brand represents - and the fact that we can deliver on this promise - this is why we can do it better than our competition.
  34. 34. why is branding important?
  35. 35. Why is it important to invest in branding your new company?
  36. 36. why is branding important for you? A properly crafted brand will raise: Awareness Sales Investor Interest Distribution Possibilities Goodwill Morale
  37. 37. why is branding important for you? Recently one of our clients stated, “We want people to know who we really are and what we really do.”
  38. 38. why is branding important for you? Proper branding will accomplish that for you quickly and succinctly. T A P A S W I N E B A R G R I L L E
  39. 39. Once your brand is created, what do you do?
  40. 40. Deliver on your brand promise.
  41. 41. what do you do now? You tap into every viable medium to reach your audiences, spread the word, build momentum and create a movement of public awareness, appreciation, advocacy and loyalty.
  42. 42. what do you do now? A quick checklist of inexpensive branding: Name Logo ID Package Website Social Marketing Public Relations Grassroots Initatives Create Simple New Trial Campaign
  43. 43. Case Study: Burrito Boarder
  44. 44. Case Study: Burrito Boarder BUSINESS HURDLE The owners of 10 Cici Pizza franchises, Giorgio and Lisa Bertrand, created their own concept and launched it in arguably the worst time of year in Florida (June, 2008) and the worst economic climate in 30 years. As a result, their sales were below projection and remained flat for the first six months of business.
  45. 45. Case Study: Burrito Boarder CONSUMER INSIGHTS “I’ve never heard of Burrito Boarder.”
  46. 46. Case Study: Burrito Boarder BRAND TRUTH Burrito Boarder is an all-natural, action-sports themed version of Chipoltle. Our food, service and atmosphere are superior to any other “burrito joint” in the industry.
  47. 47. Case Study: Burrito Boarder The Strategy: Fresh Mex. Tasty Vibe. Leveraging Burrito Boarder’s two key unique selling points - all natural mexican food in a cool, young, hip atmosphere - Zeh Arndt Creative developed a new branding platform and retail strategy utilizing in-store signage, traditional mediums and new technologies to spread the word. At every customer touchpoint possible.
  48. 48. Case Study: Burrito Boarder In-Store Branding
  49. 49. Case Study: Burrito Boarder Regular Offers
  50. 50. Case Study: Burrito Boarder Giveaways
  51. 51. Case Study: Burrito Boarder Promotions
  52. 52. Case Study: Burrito Boarder Special Services
  53. 53. Case Study: Burrito Boarder Apparel
  54. 54. Case Study: Burrito Boarder website
  55. 55. But how did we build brand momentum?
  56. 56. what do you do now? Tactic #1: New Trial With 100 restaurants within downtown St. Petersburg, competition is fierce. Telling people how great our food, service and experience is great, but we don’t have the money to conduct a massive ad buy. So, let’s pay for our audience to try us out.
  57. 57. what do you do now? Introducing Dollar Taco Tuesdays
  58. 58. what do you do now? The Offer Every Tuesday after 2pm, tacos are only a buck. The Elements • One ad in the Weekly Planet • Weekly email blasts via The LaBudde Burg Blast • Sidewalk Boards • In-Store Signage • Flyers Handed out at First Friday Events • Home Page Banner • Twitter Blasts • Recruited customers to be our soldiers
  59. 59. what do you do now? The Results • The ROI on this promotion was over 400% • Taco Sales on Tuesdays tripled • Overall sales went up 40% within the first 3 months of the promotion • Higher ticket item sales also increased • Awareness increased dramatically • New trial consumers became regular customers • Existing customers became fans
  60. 60. How do we achieve this success?
  61. 61. We created a vision. Together.
  62. 62. Creating a vision for your company We conduct Two Vision Workshops with upper managment discussing such topics as who we’re talking to what do they think about us what do we want them to think about us and how will we get that message across
  63. 63. Creating a vision for your company We do our homework. Researching, Your Company Your Competitors Your Industry Trends Audiences Other Influences
  64. 64. Creating a vision for your company Day Two Vision Workshop Review the information we have collected We discussit, refine it and use it help us create a Positioning Statement and Branding Platform Then we create a Disruptive brand platform that enables us to outperform industry conventions
  65. 65. Case Study: Pinellas County Head Start
  66. 66. Creating a vision for Head Start Their head start is your I learned to spell my name. head start is Pinellas County’s That’s my head start. - Kazzy Z. head start. The head start you and your child needs is just a phone call away. By providing at-risk pre-school children and their families the education, life skills training and medical care they need, Pinellas County Head Start is strengthening our community - one family at time. HEAD START | EARLY HEAD START | FRIEND OF FAMILIES To see if your family qualifies for this FREE government program, call (866) FOR-LIFE or visit us at And give your family the head start it needs. HEAD START | EARLY HEAD START | FRIEND OF FAMILIES C L EA RWAT E R DUNEDIN LARGO P I N E L L AS PA R K ST. P ET E R S BU R G TA R P O N S P R I N G S (866) FOR-LIFE ads
  67. 67. Creating a vision for Head Start banners and posters
  68. 68. Creating a vision for Head Start family portraits
  69. 69. Creating a vision for Head Start Disabilities Evaluation and IEP Individualization Each child with a disability receives a comprehensive child’s progress and experiences, and to provide more Teachers plan learning experiences and environments evaluation and an Individual Education Program (IEP) de- meaningful curriculum experiences that support each and use teaching strategies in a thoughtful and veloped by a team of professional diagnosticians and the child’s individual learning and development. The Creative intentional way to support and extend children’s learning. child’s parents. Therapy and prescriptive programming Curriculum is used in each classroom as a base for the They work on organizing children’s learning so that are provided with assistance from other agencies. The guidance of preschool learning experiences. The Growing experiences build on one another helping children to Head Start / Early Head Start philosophy is that every child Great Kids Curriculum is used in the EHS home based acquire key ideas and skills. learns more readily when involved in a group, so children program to enhance parent-child learning experiences. The teaching teams build children’s approaches to with disabilities are not separated from other children. learning throughout the program day and across planned Resource Center and spontaneous experiences. Children are seen as individuals and the setting and strategies adapt to the A head start for Eight Domains of Learning A wealth of educational materials is housed in six resource individual levels and interests of the children. rooms. Some resource materials are books for children and adults, records, educational games and toys, program The curriculum addresses all aspects of every family whose development and learning including: materials, resource films and cassette tapeThese materi- als are available for use by Head Start / Early Head Start Approaches to Learning Mathematics teachers, parents, children, and other staff. Their head start Creative Arts Physical Health & Development is your head start determination is as Head Start centers are conveniently located throughout Pinellas County. Language Development Science Literacy Clearwater Center Sanderlin Good Samaritan McCabe is Pinellas County’s great as their need. head start. Social & Emotional Development 727-443-3575 727-443-7582 727-544-3658 727-867-4390 701 N. Missouri Avenue 920 Palmetto Street 6085 Park Blvd. 2800 26th Avenue South Clearwater, FL 33755 Clearwater, FL 33755 Pinellas park, FL 33781 St. Petersburg, FL NAEYC Accreditation NAEYC Accreditation NAEYC Accreditation NAEYC Accreditation Transition Friendship Center Dunedin Family Services William S. Fillmore Jr. A Transition PKP Steering Committee consisting of rep- 727-462-8323 727-580-1649 727-895-4502 727-823-7491 resentatives from Head Start, the Pinellas school system, 802 Turner Street 421 Main Street 1900 12th St. South 1900 12th Street South et al maintain a written transition agreement. This agree- Clearwater, FL 33756 Dunedin, FL 34697 St. Petersburg, FL 33705 St. Petersburg, FL 33705 Fax: 727-462-8323 NAEYC Accreditation in process NAEYC Accreditation ment enables a smoother transition from Head Start to NAEYC Accreditation Forest Hills public school for both parents and children. Family Services 727-323-7918 Woodlawn High Point 727-584-6945 3600 Fairfield Avenue 727-827-1016 727-535-5009 UP CTY, Rainbow Village 513 15th Street North Transportation 15495 58th Street North 12351 134th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL 33711 NAEYC Accreditation St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Clearwater, FL 33764 Largo, FL 33774 NAEYC Accreditation Transportation is provided to all children to and from NAEYC Accreditation French Villas Dental appointments and for field trips. All vehicles are Tarpon Springs Rainbow Village 727-546-3680 operated by State of Florida certified drivers. Parents are Issay M. Gulley 727-585-2745 6835 54th Avenue North 727-938-4919 encouraged to participate as riders on the buses. 727-441-9801 13409 Adams Circle, #252B St. Petersburg, FL 33709 516 South Huey 1045 Dr. Martin Luther - Largo, FL 44774 NAEYC Accreditation Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 King Jr. Ave. NAEYC Accreditation in process NAEYC Accreditation HEAD START | EARLY HEAD START | FRIEND OF FAMILIES FOUNDATION Child Outcomes Clearwater, FL 33755 Jordan Park HEAD START | EARLY HEAD START | FRIEND OF FAMILIES FOUNDATION 727-327-4144 The requirements for child observation and ongoing as- Reconciler 2390 9th Avenue South sessment continue throughout the child’s enrollment in 727-442-2006 St. Petersburg, FL 33712 the program. The Galileo system of electronic manage- 915 Drew Street NAEYC Accreditation in process ment of learning is used to assure the documentation of Clearwater, FL 33755 NAEYC Accreditation positive child outcomes. Staff and parents can follow the brochures
  70. 70. Creating a vision for Head Start website
  71. 71. Creating a vision for Head Start and much more to come.
  72. 72. How can you develop your own brand on a budget?
  73. 73. where do you start? Establish your business goals Establish a budget or work with a professional advertising agency or consultant to establish your budget Determine your vision Create a brand strategy that helps you achieve that vision Promote, grow and live your brand every day.
  74. 74. Thank you. Brian Arndt, President Zeh Arndt Creative (727) 498-5549 |