Service Line        4006-130-412- IT Outsourcing- System Integration- New Office Setup           Commit - Communications ...
4006 -130- 412                                                                              Commit InformaƟon Technology S...
Commit InformaƟon Technology have extensive experience in newNew Office Setup                                             ...
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综合布线, 视频监控, 网络维护, 电子门禁, 考勤, 电脑维护, 机房建设


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综合布线, 视频监控, 网络维护, 电子门禁, 考勤, 电脑维护, 机房建设

  1. 1.  Service Line 4006-130-412- IT Outsourcing- System Integration- New Office Setup Commit - Communications and Information Technology- Network Cabling- Access Control Commit - IT IT- Video Monitoring- IT Equipment Sales- IT Consulting ServicesTOTAL IT SOLUTION Commit Information Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  2. 2. 4006 -130- 412 Commit InformaƟon Technology Shanghai is completely commiƩed to a fullWho is Commit ? range of soluƟons for corporate customers in the CommunicaƟons and informaƟon technology fields. UK managed, we have a strong team of qualified professional technical engineers, and have strong relaƟonships with both hardware and soŌware vendors. Commit InformaƟon Technology Shanghai provide our customers with the highest levels of service and installaƟons in the IT outsourcing industry. Our specialiƟes include new office IT provisioning, system integraƟon, cabling, access control and video monitoring, IT equipment sales and consulƟng services. As well as the excepƟonally high levels of service, we pride ourselves on being excepƟonally flexible, bolstering our reputaƟon in the market. This allows you to focus on your core business, whilst considerably cuƫng the hassle and costs associated with managing IT infrastructure and support. Commit InformaƟon Technology Shanghai adhere to our core values of providing the most professional service, reliable hardware soluƟons, compeƟƟve pricing, fastest response Ɵmes and the upmost importance is placed on security and confidenƟality. IT IT IT System Integration IT Outsourcing Access Control IT IT IT Equipment Sales IT Consulting Services Video Monitoring New Office Setup Network CablingIT Outsourcing Commit strive to provide companies in Shanghai with a full range of IT outsourcing services, with outstanding levels of customer service. Our extensive range of services, coupled with our flexibility, make us the premier it outsourcing partner in Shanghai. IT We have the people, and they have the tools they need to quickly solve problems with networking, servers, desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile devices, peripherals and all other related supplies. We provide detailed maintenance reports on every site visit, present project reports, and we also ask our customers and partners to complete customer surveys in order to improve every aspect of our service. Commit provide two professionally managed IT outsourcing methods, which can then be tailored to your requirements: 1) Weekly or monthly onsite maintenance, backup and monitoring services, including emergency response. 2) In house IT engineer, with the full support from the Commit InformaƟon Technology team. Maintenance and repairs of networking, server, computer hardware, soŌware and peripherals including disaster recovery. Infrastructure construcƟon and system integraƟon of computer hardware and networking equipment with soŌware and any other piece of equipment. InformaƟon is vital to your business, our service’s include informaƟon security,* For further informaƟon, please contact us or visit our website. informaƟon integraƟon and informaƟon management.
  3. 3. Commit InformaƟon Technology have extensive experience in newNew Office Setup office provisioning. We work together with the office construcƟon company to make sure your infrastructure fits seamlessly with your office layout, and we feel this cooperaƟon is a criƟcal part of the overall IT provisioning service. IT From the iniƟal design to implementaƟon, we can assure that the IT and construcƟon are finished at the same Ɵme, with a reliable and effecƟve IT environment, which has a Ɵdy and secure networking infrastructure without the need for further construcƟon down the line. We are also specialists in new office security or access control systems, telephone systems and any addiƟonal hardware or soŌware requirements. We also offer server room construcƟon and maintenance services. The server room is the heart of your informaƟon systems, and therefore the server room must be kept in a monitored environment in order to ensure reliability and data security. We provide four basic elements; infrastructure design and construcƟon, hardware and soŌware supplies, service and maintenance and finally overall management services. Flexibility is key to our offer, and these four elements are connected in order to bring customers the peace of mind and cost savings they expect. If you require an network infrastructure upgrade, complete overhaul or fresh installaƟon, you can find a soluƟon tailored to your requirement at Commit InformaƟon Technology.Video Monitoring Commit are experts in the field of security and surveillance, access control and monitoring and other intelligent management systems. Our access control experience includes passkey systems, smart card, fingerprint access control systems and video intercom access systems. We are commiƩed to providing very high levels of service, and thus we have established long term relaƟonships with our customers.Video Surveillance now plays an extremely important role in the overall securityof premises. Video surveillance can now even be monitored online, in highquality. We have extensive experience in video surveillance projects, including: Access Control government agencies, hotels, office buildings, communiƟes, shopping malls and supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, factories, warehouses and many others. You will find our analysis and project management skills are unparalleled, and to add to our service, we include full tesƟng and maintenance. A one stop service for all your security needs. Service Line: 4006-130-412
  4. 4. Network Cabling Commit InformaƟon technology have a wealth of experience in network cabling projects. Once again, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We offer a number of services, including, consulƟng, design, procurement, applicaƟon development, project implementaƟon and upgrades and maintenance. We can show proven results in operaƟonal efficiency and cost savings by reducing the complexity of the networks. For more informaƟon, or to discuss any of the above, please contact us.SOHO System Integration Commit -- A trusted partner to rely on to provide IT Managed Services
  5. 5. Equipment Sales IT Our extensive product line covers a number of global brands with a strong network or cooperaƟon and support, a high level of professional service, industry leading technology, fast product and service delivery.Our strength lies in our flexibility, and our product offering. We are able to offer a full range of IT and security products and services. This allows you to leave us to manage the IT, whilst you concentrate on your core business. With our hardware and soŌware porƞolio, we can offer a full range of consulƟng services. For more informaƟon, please contact us or discuss with your project manager. Our Partners Commit InformaƟon Technology have developed strong partnerships with the top names in the IT industry, therefore, we truly are a one stop IT service for all your requirements. With our stable cooperaƟon, we get the best support and quality, and we pass that on to you with our high levels of customer service and support.Commit InformaƟon Technology’s technical engineers and project managers have started summing upyour premises before they walk through the door. They have a wealth of experience in security andsurveillance, networking, servers and data centres, hardware and soŌware and hardware and soŌware.Commit informaƟon technology has implemented a wide range of system integraƟon projects. Ourinfrastructure analysis and planning process, assure efficient and effecƟve project delivery. Our wealthof experience includes:Enterprise network / Shopping Mall / Supermarket / Hotel / Factory / Warehouse / SchoolsUniversity / Internet Cafe / Restaurant / Complex ... TOTAL IT SOLUTION
  6. 6. Design appearance and specifications may be changed for modifications or improvement without any prior notice.Service Line: 4006-130-412S i i 4006 130 412Commit Information Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Email: Catalog No. Feb12 Commit Ltd