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Hsa incent overview


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Hsa incent overview

  1. 1. How to get the most from your New Automated Commission Portal
  2. 2. FAQ’s • You will have received (or will shortly receive) by email the log in details for your Commission Portal. • This will enable you to access the online system which will show you your commission performance for the 2012 scheme. • Throughout January the portal will be updated weekly on a Friday. • In February this will move to a daily update (we will confirm to you when this has been activated)2
  3. 3. Accessing Incent for the first time • Confidential emails will be sent to each user by the application • Email will contain Username, Password and a link to the application – Your username is your email address IMPORTANT Your username and password are case sensitive
  4. 4. If you see these screens. • Depending on how you access your email you may get the following screens when you click the link: • Simply click “Continue to this website” • And input your NORMAL NETWORK username and password • Your username must be prefixed with uk (see next slide for example)
  5. 5. If you get asked for your network Login andPassword. Remember to add the uk before your usernameClick here
  6. 6. Accessing Incent for the first time Continued• When you log in for the first time you will need to Reset your password – It must be 8-12 characters long – Cannot contain any part of the username – Must contain one of each – Uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number – Must not be the same as the last 12 passwords – Passwords expire every 45 days• Once you have changed the password you will be automatically logged out of the application• Re-login to the application with your new password
  7. 7. Accessing Incent in the Future • Open Internet Explorer and type • Click Customer Login • Enter Username and Password and click Login
  8. 8. Home Tab• This displays a graphical summary of how you are performing against your earning goals
  9. 9. myIncentive • Click on the “myIncentives” Tab • This displays your commission results for the current year
  10. 10. Incentive Statement• Provides a complete view into how you are performing
  11. 11. Incentive Statement • Your performance by Qtr –You can expand each qtr to show each month by clicking here
  12. 12. Incentive Statement • Your Total Sales and Cancellations by Month –You can look at the individual jobs making up your months performance by clicking the underlined total
  13. 13. Incentive Statement • The detail behind your totals
  14. 14. myIncentive• In the myIncentive tab you can see: – Your Targets and performance for each attainment level for both Sales and Finance Sales – Your Total Sales and Cancellations showing Sales, Finance Sales, Cancellations, ASPs, Failed on Day and NPS – Your Commissionable Sales – showing the combined totals of your commissionable jobs – Your Sales Commissions – showing the commission earned from the jobs detailed above – Your Bonuses – Showing the commission earned from NPS and any Product Bonuses – Your Payments – Showing the actual total of your payment.
  15. 15. What do I do if I have queries?• As with the existing commission scheme, if you have any queries with regard to the calculation of your commission please discuss this with your STM.• If you have any questions about the new system or how to do something please contact your STM in the first instance.
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