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Secure OOB Appliance device placement


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The many ways to place Secure Out of Band Management Appliances at remote sites.

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Secure OOB Appliance device placement

  1. 1. Placement of Remote Devices Communication Devices Inc.
  2. 2. Secure OOB Appliance placementThere are several different ways to place devices at a remotesite to achieve access.The best option is to use a Telco connection for modem access along with anetwork connection for WAN access. This provides both real time reportingthrough the network plus SSH network management access when needed. Thetelco line provides secure modem access if no other network access is availabledue to network configuration issues.The second option is to use secure modem access only. This provides asecondary path to the remote site that is very reliable and cost effective. Realtime reporting is not available due to no permanent network connection.The third option is using a network only connection. This can be the onlynetwork at the site or it can be a secondary IP network. The downside of this isif a network configuration issue exists then you may not be able to gain access.The upside is drastically reduced cost and connection time. Real time reportingis available as the network connection is permanent.
  3. 3. Secure OOB Appliance placementRegardless of what type of installation yourequire, CDI has a product to fit the need.All our products have:1.10/100 network interface2.built in analog modem3.Serial port for external device
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