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The louvre


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The louvre

  1. 1. The Louvre • The History • The Architecture • Some Facts
  2. 2. History • Originally a 13th cent fortress by Phillip II Augustus • This chateau was enlarged by Charles V in 14th cent- sacrificed in 16th cent at the end of the reign of Francis I to make way for a new Renaissance structure. • West wing and part of south wing made by Pierre Lescot were finished •
  3. 3. History • 1564-Catherine de Medicis had Philibert Delorme build little chateau called Tuileries. • Joined Louvre and Palais des Tuileries to create a royal residence • 17th cent- Louis XIII and minister Richelieu extended west wing by adding domed Pavillon de l’Horloge • Abandoned as residence when Louis XIV moved the court to Versailles in 1682
  4. 4. History • 1789-Napoleon I, kings, Napoleon III lived in Tuileries • Used for offices and a musuem • 1871-Tuileries burned
  5. 5. History and who built the Louvre Architecture of the Louvre
  6. 6. Architecture • 1st Louvre consisted of a thick cylindrical dungeon surrounded by towered walls. • It was built in several phases • It has four symmetric wings surrounding a large courtyard (didn’t last long-burned)
  7. 7. The Pyramids • Most recent addition to Louvre • Main entrance to museum • Built in 1989 by I.M. Pei • Allows sunlight to come in on the underground floor • Had mixed thoughts of pyramids because it clashed with original theme of bldg.
  8. 8. Facts • One of the largest & most visted museums in the world. 500 m long • Lies in the center of Paris bwtn Siene River and Rue de Rivoli • Some of famous works of art are Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo • 35,000 objects on display over 3 wings
  9. 9. Facts • Has collections of European paintings and sculptures. • Rooms have Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Oriental Art. • Has a “Objects d’Art” that has clocks, furniture, china, and tapestries. • The collection of Baron Edmond de Rothschild given to louvre-1935 has 40,000 engravings, 3,000 drawings, 500 illustrated books •
  10. 10. Louvre • I explained a little of the history of the Louvre and who designed it, along with its structure and some interesting facts. Now if you didn’t know before, you know about the Louvre!!