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Module 0rev

  1. 1. EuropeAid ENPICROSS BORDER COOPERATION SEMINAR ON MONITORING METHODOLOGY0. Introductions, Workshop Objectives, Programme, Method and Materials BRUXELLES, 9-10 SEPTEMBER 2010
  2. 2. Participant introductions EuropeAid• Name• Nationality• Current work designation/job and location• How long working with ENPI CBC• Project monitoring experience 2
  3. 3. Goal & Purpose of this seminar EuropeAidGoal• The overall goal is to improve the quality of ENPI CBC projects in line with project management effectiveness principlesPurpose• The specific purpose of this seminar is to help ENPI CBC managers at programme level to support the establishment and the use of effective project / programme monitoring systems 3
  4. 4. Learning Objectives 1 EuropeAid• The policy priorities of the ‘operational framework’ agenda and the impact of management for results• What is the standard monitoring system used by EuropeAid (EC ROM), how does it work, what you can expect from it• Implications for the role of the ENPI CBC Programme Manager in supporting monitoring capacity among implementing partners• How to analyse and understand the project context in relation to project monitoring systems and capacity 4
  5. 5. Learning Objectives 2 EuropeAid• How to access and use relevant monitoring information• Adding value to project monitoring through appropriate data analysis• Promoting collaborative reviews and information sharing• How to prepare a monitoring plan for the projects they manage. 5
  6. 6. Training approach EuropeAidThe training aims to: Build on participant experience and interests Explain key principles and introduce analytical tools Provide opportunities to learn through practical exercisesand team tasksThe training approach will notAssume the trainer has all the answers Explain the detail of different EC managementprocedures & administrative requirements Focus on lectures and extensive reading 6
  7. 7. Main contents of seminar EuropeAid• Presentations by the trainer/facilitator• Group work exercises by participants• Discussions in plenary• Preparation of follow-up action plans by participants 7
  8. 8. Other training issues EuropeAid• Timetable/programme• Training materials/handouts• Group-work and group composition• Roles and responsibilities – trainer and participants• Personal Logbook• Seminar Evaluation• Other administrative matters 8
  9. 9. Workshop materials EuropeAid• The Project Cycle Management guide• The ROM guidelines and Handbook for Monitors• The EC Reference Document on ‘Internal Project Monitoring’• Materials for promoting participatory group work• Workshop programme and PPT slides 9
  10. 10. Your expectations EuropeAid• Please write down on the post-it your expectations from attending this seminar• If possible, more than one……• ….but no more than three 10
  11. 11. How many squares do you see? EuropeAid 11