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Marta Llamas, Lidia Ballester y Laura Sabater 2º ESO


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Marta Llamas, Lidia Ballester y Laura Sabater 2º ESO

  1. 1. MURCIA
  2. 2. Tourist places; The cathedral It is very big, thick, and nice. It has many stairs that rise To the bell where one see Murcia The monument are very important.
  3. 3. The casino-The Casino thisone in the centerof Murcia-It is very visitedby the touristsbecause it is veryold andinteresting.
  4. 4. St. DomingoIt is the centralsquare of Murcia, Where thepeople re-joinand happen thetime with hisfriends.
  5. 5. Traperia’sstreetMurcia is ananimated citywith a lot ofshops, cafes,restaurants,cinemas,theatre, andstreetspectacles.
  6. 6. Rice, zarangollo and salad murcianaOur tipical mealare “caldero” (ricewith fish andshrimps),“paparajotes” (asuit dessert makewith tree`sleaves),zarangollo ( amess ofcalabacin)…
  7. 7. THE “MAR MENOR”The “MarMenor”is a littlesea separatefrom theMediterraneansea by a band ofland, la “Mangadel Mar Menor”.This little sea isvery salty and hasa few depth.
  8. 8. SUN AND BEACHAll the yearthe weatheris warm andyou can enjoyour sun andbeaches ofwhite sand.