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Portuguese culture


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Portuguese culture

  2. 2. PORTUGUESECULTUREEscola Artur GonçalvesTorres Novas
  3. 3. PORTUGUESECULTURE• The culture of Portugal is theresult of a complex flow ofdifferent civilizations during thepast Millennia. From prehistoriccultures up to now, all have leftan imprint on the countrysculture and history.• Portugal became anindependent kingdom in 1143.• Portugal is a country with a longhistory and a very rich nationalcultural heritage.
  4. 4. FOLK DANCEMany Portuguese dances are long-establishedcelebrations of seasonal festivals, including fall harvestand the beginning of spring, and commemorations ofreligious events. Local and national dances have drawnfrom pagan and Christian traditions.
  5. 5. PORTUGUESEDECORATIVE TILES• The azulejo (tile) is themost typical and widelyused form of decoration inPortugal since the middleages up to now.• Tiles are made of pure clay,squares with sharp edgesand irregular surface,measuring approximately140mm x 140mm x 10mm
  6. 6. DECORATIVETILES• On the azulejo panels wecan see several situations ofPortuguese History andeveryday life
  7. 7. POTTERY andTABLEWARE• When looking at eitherof these typicalportuguese handicraftpots and dishes wereally return to ourroots.
  8. 8. TAPESTRIES• Tapestries are very traditional in Portugal andrepresent many of the Portuguese epic deeds.They are made of cotton, wool and silk.These two examples were woven in thebeginning of the 16th century.Tapeçaria Millefleurs com as Armas de D. ManuelCortejo TriunfalcomGirafas
  9. 9. CARPETS• The Arraiolos carpets arevery popular in Portugal.• They are:- hand made,- embroidered in woolenthread over canvas,- very colourful- the themes are veryvaried: animals, fruits,flowers…
  10. 10. EMBROIDERY AND LACE• In the decoration of Portuguesehomes it is very usual to seeembroidered tableclothes,napkins,curtains …as well aslace.