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Summary module 1, 1m comenius project


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Summary module 1, 1m comenius project

  1. 1. COMENIUS PROJECT Biological well-being summary CLASS 1M Gosia Chyćko Martyna Janczewska Alicja Sidor Oliwia Poniat Anita Kolibska
  2. 2. In the first module of Comenius Project, as one of the groups we received a task to prepare a lesson about biological rhythms of life and conduct it in one of the first classes of our high school.
  3. 3. First stage of pursuing Module 1 was quite difficult. We didn’t really know what the BioRhythms are, so we had to find some information about this topic.
  4. 4. We prepared a presentation and scenario, which helped us in conducting the lesson. Also, we made special worksheets for students.
  5. 5. Here you can see some photos from our presentation.
  6. 6. Gosia was talking about Ultradian Rhythms
  7. 7. Anita presented Circadian Rhythms
  8. 8. And Martyna shared her knowledge about Infradian Rhythms with the students of 1b class.
  9. 9. That’s how our worksheets looked like
  10. 10. If you want to check out our presentation just click the link below :) http://www.slideshare. net/comeniuspaderewski/biorhythms-workshops- comenius-p-1m-32268707
  11. 11. Again, if you want to see our scenario just click the link: http://www.slideshare. net/comeniuspaderewski/scenario-biorhythms- workshops1m
  12. 12. To sum up the biological part of the Comenius project, a participant of our group - Alicja Sidor has written an article to our school newspaper. Link to article