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Lesson plan get high on life not on drugs


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Published in: Education
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Lesson plan get high on life not on drugs

  1. 1. Name: Mikulášek Marek, Vašíček Filip, Šustek Radek, Javnická Dorota Objective of the lesson: Harmful effects of drugs Class: L3 Class time: 45 min Materials: video,survey Stage/time Procedure Rationale Pre- task 5 minutes • Introduction, who we are, why are we doing this lesson and something little about Comenius project To find out what Ss know about drugs and explain them our work Before the film we ask the students following questions: 1. How many drugs do you know? 2. Which one is the most addictive? 3. Which one is the most dangerous? Answer correctly those questions if necessary. Play film about drugs ( +- 20 minutes, 12:22 - 21:08 & 21:54 - 32:15 Task 10 minutes Film: How drugs affect following instructions, problem solving etc. To show Ss effects of drugs (especially cocaine, heroin, marijuana and meth) Discuss what drugs were used and what they have done to their users. 10 minutes Film: Exploring what happens while using these drugs(physical and mental challenges) - survival Discuss what drugs were used and what they have done to their users. Survey – find out what they remember and know, also to show if they were paying attention and understood Follow- up +- 18 minutes Discussion (prepared topics) about drugs To find out what Ss remember and discuss with them Have you ever tried with light drugs(alcohol,cigarettes)? The most used illegal drug worldwide? What drugs do you know and what do you know
  2. 2. about their effects? How are they used? Do you know any famous people who use drugs? And do you know any who died of overdose? How hard do you think is finding drugs these days? How many people do you think that regulary drinks alcohol in Czech Republic? What alcohol is most drinked in Czech Republic? How many smokers are in Czech Republic? What do you think that is more harmful cigarettes, cigars or water pipe? How many smokers do you think die because of smoking (worldwide)? What can be adictive except drugs? Announcement of correct results in survey and asking them how they stood. 2 minutes Funny video – it’s given in a humorous way, 10 drugs you should not drive with (