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Europe:roots from the past and future challenges Publiczne Gimnazjum, Haci Ali Saruhan & Pere Barnils Project Comenius

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The european union tr

  1. 1. EUROPEAN UNION<br />
  2. 2. A unique ,economic and political partnership between 27 democratic European countries.<br />What is the European Union?<br />
  3. 3. What are its aims?<br />Peace, prosperity and freedom for its 498 million citizens — in a fairer , safer world.<br />
  4. 4. Frontier-free travel and trade, the euro (the single European currency), safer food and a greener environment, better living standards in poorer regions, joint action on crime and terror, cheaper phone calls, millions of opportunities to study abroad … and much more besides.<br />What results so far?<br />
  5. 5. To make these things happen, EU countries set up bodies to run the EU and adopt its legislation. The main ones are:<br />the European Parliament (representing the people of Europe; <br />the Council of the European Union (representing national governments ); <br />the European Commission (representing the common EU interest ). <br />How does it work?<br />
  6. 6. The EU symbols<br />The European anthem<br />The European flag<br />Europe Day, 9 May<br />The motto: United in diversity<br />
  7. 7. Enlargement: from six to 27 countries<br />1952<br />1973<br />1986<br />1981<br />1990<br />1995<br />2004<br />2007<br />
  8. 8. How big are the EUcountries?<br />Surface area in1 000 km²<br />544<br />506<br />410<br />357<br />313<br />305<br />295<br />244<br />230<br />131<br />111<br />93<br />92<br />83<br />30 <br />49 <br />77<br />68<br />63<br />62<br />43 <br />43<br />34<br />20<br />9<br />3<br />0.3<br />Italy<br />Spain<br />France<br />Poland<br />Finland<br />Sweden <br />Estonia<br />Germany<br />Denmark<br />Latvia<br />Greece<br />Slovakia<br />Belgium<br />Malta<br />Hungary<br />Luxemburg<br />Bulgaria<br />Ireland<br />Netherlands<br />Romania<br />Austria<br />Cyprus<br />Slovenia<br />Lithuania<br />United Kingdom<br />Portugal<br />Czech Republic<br />
  9. 9. How many people live in the EU?<br />Population in millions, 2009<br />500 million total<br />82.1<br />64.4<br />61.6<br />60.1<br />45.8<br />38.1<br />21.5<br />16.5<br />10.6<br />11.3<br />10.8<br />10.5<br />10.0<br />9.3<br />8.4<br />7.6<br />5.3<br />5.5<br />5.4<br />4.5<br />3.3<br />2.3<br />2.0<br />1.3<br />0.8<br />0.5<br />0.4<br />Italy<br />Spain<br />France<br />Poland<br />Finland<br />Sweden <br />Estonia<br />Germany<br />Denmark<br />Latvia<br />Greece<br />Slovakia<br />Belgium<br />Malta<br />Hungary<br />Luxemburg<br />Bulgaria<br />Ireland<br />Netherlands<br />Romania<br />Austria<br />Cyprus<br />Slovenia<br />Lithuania<br />United Kingdom<br />Portugal<br />Czech Republic<br />
  10. 10. GDP per inhabitant: the spread of wealth<br />2008GDP per inhabitant<br />Index where the average of the 27 EU-countries is 100<br />271<br />137<br />135<br />123<br />122<br />118<br />117<br />116<br />115<br />114<br />107<br />103<br />101<br />100<br />95<br />94<br />91<br />80<br />76<br />76<br />68<br />72<br />63<br />61<br />58<br />56<br />46<br />40<br />Malta<br />Ireland<br />Austria<br />Slovakia<br />Sweden<br />Portugal<br />Estonia<br />Hungary<br />Latvia<br />Poland<br />Romania<br />Bulgaria<br />Finland<br />Germany<br />France<br />Italy<br />EU-27<br />Cyprus<br />Greece<br />Slovenia<br />Denmark<br />Spain<br />Belgium<br />Lithuania<br />Luxembourg<br />Netherlands<br />United Kingdom<br />Czech Republic<br />
  11. 11. The euro – a single currency for Europeans <br />Can be used everywhere in the euro area<br />4Coins:one side with national symbols, one side common<br />4Notes:no national side<br />EU countries using the euroEU countries not using the euro<br />
  12. 12. Free to move<br />“Schengen”:<br />4 No police or customs checks at borders between most EU countries <br />4 Controls strengthened at EU external borders<br />4 More cooperation between police from different EU countries<br />4 You can buy and bring back any goods for personal use when you travel between EU countries <br />© Corbis<br />
  13. 13. Going abroad to learn<br />Over 2 million young people have studied or pursued personal development in other European countries with support from EU programmes: <br />4 Comenius: school education <br />4 Erasmus: higher education <br />4 Leonardo da Vinci: vocational training<br />4 Grundtvig: adult education <br />4 Youth in Action: voluntary work and non-formal education <br />© Getty Images<br />
  14. 14. Three key players<br />The European Parliament- voice of the peopleJerzyBuzek, President of <br />of the European Parliament The council of Ministers- voice of the Member StatesHerman Van Rompuy, President of the European CouncilThe European Commission- promoting the common interestJosé Manuel Barroso, Presidentof the European Commission<br />
  15. 15. The EU institutions<br />European Council (summit)<br />European Parliament<br />Council of Ministers<br />(Council of the EU)<br />European Commission<br />Court of Justice<br />Court of Auditors<br />Economic and Social Committee<br />Committee of the Regions<br />European Investment Bank<br />European Central Bank<br />Agencies<br />
  16. 16. Council of Ministers – voiceof the member states<br />4One minister from each EU country4Presidency: rotates every six months4Decides EU laws and budget together with Parliament4Manages the common foreign and security policy<br />
  17. 17. Council of Ministers – number of votes per country<br />29<br />Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom<br />27<br />Spain and Poland<br />Romania<br />14<br />13<br />Netherlands<br />Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Portugal<br />12<br />10<br />Austria, Bulgaria and Sweden<br />7<br />Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Finland<br />4<br />Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg and Slovenia<br />3<br />Malta<br />345<br />Total:<br />“Qualified majority” needed for many decisions:255 votes and a majority of member states<br />From 2014: 55% of the Member States with 65% of the population<br />
  18. 18. Summit at the European Council<br />Summit of heads of state and government of all EU countries4Heldat least 4 times a year4Sets the overall guidelines for EU policies<br />4President: Herman Van Rompuy<br />
  19. 19. The European Commission – promoting the common interest<br />27 independent members, one from each EU country4Proposes new legislation4Executive organ 4Guardian of the treaties4Represents the EU on the international stage<br />
  20. 20. MEMBERS<br /><ul><li>GERMANYCapital: BerlinPopulation: 83,029,536Population growth rate: Percentage 00:27Infant mortality rate: 4.71 per thousandLife expectancy: 77.61 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 2.362 trillion dollarsNational income per capita: U.S. $ 28 thousand 700Growth rate: 1.7 percentInflation rate: 2 percentUnemployment rate: 9.9 percent</li></li></ul><li>AUSTRIA<br />AUSTRIACapital: ViennaPopulation: 8,150,835Population growth rate: Percentage 00:24Infant mortality rate: per thousand 4:44Life expectancy: 77.84 yearsLiteracy rate: 98 percentGDP: 203 billion dollarsNational income per capita: U.S. $ 25 thousandGrowth rate: 3.1 percentInflation rate: 2 percentUnemployment rate: 5.4 percent<br />
  21. 21. BELGIUM<br /><ul><li>BELGIUMCapital: BrusselsPopulation: 10,258,762Population growth rate: Percentage 00:16Infant mortality rate: 4.7 per thousandLife expectancy: 77.96 yearsLiteracy rate: 98 percentGDP: 259.2 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 25 thousand 300 dollarsGrowth rate: 4.1 percentInflation rate: 2.2 percentUnemployment rate: 8.4 percent</li></li></ul><li>CZECH REPUBLIC<br /><ul><li>CZECH REPUBLICCapital: PraguePopulation: 10,264,212Population growth rate: Percentage - 00:07Infant mortality rate: per thousand 5:55Life expectancy: 74.73 yearsLiteracy rate: 100 percentGDP: 132.4 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 12 thousand 900 dollarsGrowth rate: 2.5 percentInflation rate: 3.8 percentUnemployment rate: 8.7 percent</li></li></ul><li>DENMARK<br /><ul><li>DENMARKCapital: CopenhagenPopulation: 5,352,815Population growth rate: 0.3 percentInfant mortality rate: per thousand 5:04Life expectancy: 76.72 yearsLiteracy rate: 100 percentGDP: 136.2 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 25 thousand 500 dollarsGrowth rate: 2.8 percentInflation rate: 2.9 percentUnemployment rate: 5.3 percent</li></li></ul><li>ESTONIA<br /><ul><li>ESTONIACapital: TallinnPopulation: 1,423,316Population growth rate: Percentage - 00:55Infant mortality rate: 12.62 per thousandLife expectancy: 69.73 yearsLiteracy rate: 100 percentGDP: 14.7 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 10 thousand dollarsGrowth rate: 6.4 percentInflation rate: 4.1 percentUnemployment rate: 11.7 percent</li></li></ul><li>FINLAND<br /><ul><li>FinlandCapital: HelsinkiPopulation: 5,175,783Population growth rate: Percentage 00:16Infant mortality rate: 3.79 per thousandLife expectancy: 77.58 yearsLiteracy rate: 100 percentGDP: 118.3 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 22 thousand 900 dollarsGrowth rate: 5.6 percentInflation rate: 3.4 percentUnemployment rate: 9.8 percent</li></li></ul><li>FRANCE<br /><ul><li>FRANCECapital: ParisPopulation: 59,551,227Population growth rate: Percentage 00:37Infant mortality rate: per thousand 4:46Life expectancy: 78.9 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: U.S. $ 1,448 trillionNational income per capita: 24 thousand 400 dollarsGrowth rate: 3.1 percentInflation rate: 1.7 percentUnemployment rate: 9.7 percent</li></li></ul><li>The NETHERLANDS<br /><ul><li> NETHERLANDSCapital: The HaguePopulation: 15,981,472Population growth rate: Percentage 00:55Infant mortality rate: per thousand 4:37Life expectancy: 78.43 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 388.4 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 24 thousand 400 dollarsGrowth rate: 4 percentInflation rate: 2.6 percentUnemployment rate: 2.6 percent</li></li></ul><li>UNITED KINGDOM<br /><ul><li>UNITED KINGDOMCapital: LondonPopulation: 59,647,790Population growth rate: Percentage 00:23Infant mortality rate: per thousand 5:54Life expectancy: 77.82 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 1.36 trillion dollarsNational income per capita: 22 thousand 800 dollarsGrowth rate: 3 per centInflation rate: 2.4 percentUnemployment rate: 5.5 percent</li></li></ul><li>IRELAND<br /><ul><li>IRELANDCapital: DublinPopulation: 3,840,838Population growth rate: 1.12 percentInfant mortality rate: per thousand 5:53Life expectancy: 77 yearsLiteracy rate: 98 percentGDP: 81.9 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 21 thousand 600 dollarsGrowth rate: 9.9 percentInflation rate: 5.6 percentUnemployment rate: 4.1 percent</li></li></ul><li>SPAIN<br /><ul><li>SPAINCapital: MadridPopulation: 40,037,995Population growth rate: 1 per thousandInfant mortality rate: 5 per thousandLife expectancy: 79 yearsLiteracy rate: 97 percentGDP: 720.8 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 18 thousand dollarsGrowth rate: 4 percentInflation rate: 3.4 percentUnemployment rate: 14 percent</li></li></ul><li>SWEDEN<br /><ul><li>SWEDENCapital: StockholmPopulation: 8,875,053Population growth rate: 0.2 per thousandInfant mortality rate: per thousand 3:47Life expectancy: 79.71 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 197 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 22 thousand 200 dollarsGrowth rate: 4.3 percentInflation rate: 1.2 percentUnemployment rate: 6 percent</li></li></ul><li>ITALY<br /><ul><li>ITALYCapital: RomePopulation: 57,679,825Population growth rate: 0.7 per thousandInfant mortality rate: 5.84 per thousandLife expectancy: 79.14 yearsLiteracy rate: 98 percentGDP: U.S. $ 1,273 trillionNational income per capita: 22 thousand 100 dollarsGrowth rate: 2.7 percentInflation rate: 2.5 percentUnemployment rate: 10.4 percent</li></li></ul><li>CYPRUS SECTION<br /><ul><li> CYPRUS SECTIONCapital: NicosiaPopulation: 762,887Population growth rate: Percentage 00:59Infant mortality rate: 7.89 per thousandLife expectancy: 76.89 yearsLiteracy rate: 94 percentGNP: 9.7 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 16 thousand dollarsGrowth rate: 4.2 percentInflation rate: 4.2 percentUnemployment rate: 3.6 percent</li></li></ul><li>LATVIA<br /><ul><li>LATVIACapital: RigaPopulation: 2,385,231Population growth rate: -0.81 percentInfant mortality rate: per thousand 15:34Life expectancy: 68.7 yearsLiteracy rate: 100 percentGDP: 17.3 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 7,200 dollarsGrowth rate: 5.5 percentInflation rate: 2.7 percentUnemployment rate: 7.8 percent</li></li></ul><li>LITHUANIA<br /><ul><li>LITHUANIACapital: VilniusPopulation: 3,610,535Population growth rate: -0.27 percentInfant mortality rate: 14.5 per thousandLife expectancy: 69.25 yearsLiteracy rate: 98 percentGDP: 26.4 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 7 thousand 300 dollarsGrowth rate: 2.9 percentInflation rate: Percentage 1Unemployment rate: 10.8 percent</li></li></ul><li>LUXEMBOURG<br /><ul><li>LUXEMBOURGCapital: LuxembourgPopulation: 442,972Population growth rate: 1.26 percentInfant mortality rate: 4.77 per thousandLife expectancy: 77.3 yearsLiteracy rate: 100 percentGDP: 15.9 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 36 thousand 400 dollarsGrowth rate: 5.7 percentInflation rate: 7.8 percentUnemployment rate: 2.7 percent</li></li></ul><li>HUNGARY<br /><ul><li>HUNGARYCapital: BudapestPopulation: 10,106,017Population growth rate: Percentage - 00:32Infant mortality rate: 9 per thousandLife expectancy: 71.63 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 113.9 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 11 thousand 200 dollarsGrowth rate: 5.5 percentInflation rate: 9.8 percentUnemployment rate: 10.4 percent</li></li></ul><li>MALTA<br /><ul><li>MALTACapital: VallettaPopulation: 394,538Population growth rate: 0.74 percentInfant mortality rate: 5.83 per thousandLife expectancy: 78.1 yearsLiteracy rate: 88.76 percentGNP: 5.6 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 14 thousand 300 dollarsGrowth rate: 3.4 percentInflation rate: 2.5 percentUnemployment rate: 4.5 percent</li></li></ul><li>POLAND<br /><ul><li>POLANDCapital: WarsawPopulation: 38,633,912Population growth rate: -0.03 percentInfant mortality rate: per thousand 9:39Life expectancy: 73.42 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 327.5 billion dollarsNational income per capita: U.S. $ 8 thousand 500Growth rate: 4.8 percentInflation rate: 10.2 percentUnemployment rate: 12 percent</li></li></ul><li>PORTUGAL<br /><ul><li>PORTUGALCapital: LisbonPopulation: 10,066,253Population growth rate: Percentage 00:18Infant mortality rate: 5.94 per thousandLife expectancy: 76 yearsLiteracy rate: 87.4 percentGDP: 159 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 15 thousand 800 dollarsGrowth rate: 2.7 percentInflation rate: 2.8 percentUnemployment rate: 4.3 percent</li></li></ul><li>SLOVAKIA<br /><ul><li>SLOVAKIACapital: BratislavaPopulation: 5,414,937Population growth rate: Percentage 00:13Infant mortality rate: 9 per thousandLife expectancy: 74 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 55.3 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 10 thousand 200 dollarsGrowth rate: 2.2 percentInflation rate: 12.2 percentUnemployment rate: 17 percent</li></li></ul><li>SLOVENIA<br /><ul><li>SLOVENIACapital: LjubljanaPopulation: 1,930,132Population growth rate: Percentage 00:14Infant mortality rate: per thousand 4:51Life expectancy: 75 yearsLiteracy rate: 99 percentGDP: 22.9 billion dollarsNational income per capita: U.S. $ 12 thousandGrowth rate: 4.5 percentInflation rate: 8.9 percentUnemployment rate: 7.1 percent</li></li></ul><li>GREECE<br /><ul><li>GREECECapital: AthensPopulation: 10,623,835Population growth rate: Percentage 00:21Infant mortality rate: per thousand 6:38Life expectancy: 78.59 yearsLiteracy rate: 95 percentGDP: 181.9 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 17 thousand 200 dollarsGrowth rate: 3.8 percentInflation rate: 3.1 percentUnemployment rate: 11.3 percent</li></li></ul><li>BULGARIA<br /><ul><li>BULGARIACapital: SofiaPopulation: 7,385,367Population growth rate: -0.86 percentInfant mortality rate: 19.85 per thousandLife expectancy: 72.3 yearsLiteracy rate: 98.6 percentGDP: 71.54 billion dollarsNational income per capita: 9,600 dollarsGrowth rate: 5.5 percentInflation rate: 5 percentUnemployment rate: 11.5 percent</li></li></ul><li>ROMANIA<br /><ul><li>ROMANIACapital: BucharestPopulation: 22,303,552Population growth rate: -0.12 percentInfant mortality rate: 25.5 per thousandLife expectancy: 71.63 yearsLiteracy rate: 98.4 percentGDP: 183.6 billion dollarsNational income per capita: U.S. $ 8.200Growth rate: 4.5 percentInflation rate: 9 percentUnemployment rate: 5.9 percent</li></li></ul><li>EUROPEAN UNION COMENIUS TEAM OF HACI ALI SARUHAN İ.Ö.O.<br />BERNA ERYİĞİT <br />HÜLYA ÇAKAR<br />SENA ERYİĞİT<br />
  22. 22. Fırat Hasanoğlu<br />GÜLŞAH ONĞUR<br />EZGİ KOCATEPE <br />
  23. 23. Melih Karanfil<br />Emre Türköz<br />Zeynep s. Kaya<br />Sena Başar<br />Ufuk Uysal <br />Firdevs İpek <br />Ömürcan Kaya<br />
  24. 24. Canan Gökçeağaç<br />Kader Gökçeağaç<br />Keremhan Kara <br />Ömer F. Türker<br />Sevda Kayacan<br />
  25. 25. CONSULTANT TEACHER And The TEAM LEADER <br />Cevriye BALCI<br />