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Legends from Turkey


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Legends from Turkey

  1. 1. LEGENDS
  3. 3. LEGENDS;• Reflects the overall status of the communities…• Outstanding features include…• Said to be the national language…• Some may be quite long…• Threads in terms of war, earthquake, fire, humor, lives of famous people listed as…
  4. 4. • Turkish epics, the universe, of man, the creation of man and woman, the birth of the Turkish nation, organization of various Turkish states of development, failure, victory anddefeat are many causes of such matters but also embraces an explanatory legend.
  5. 5. • Legends consists of three phases: Play a role in events that left a mark on peoples heroes are treading, Transfer of the event by word of mouth, Being passed to the article later.
  6. 6. • Usually refers to the victories gained in the first Turkish legends…
  7. 7. • There are many legends of the foundation process of the Turks;• ‘Göktürk, Manas, Alp, Türeyiş and Göç’’ are the name of some legends…
  8. 8. • One the most important legends of the the legend of Göktürk Turks, known as called Ergenekon Legend.• Epic story, known as Ergenekon, a wolf assistance and protection, ensuring the continuity of lineage; placed in a valley surrounded by mountains impassable, and then exiting from here.
  9. 9. In particular there are legendsabout impossible love..
  10. 10. One of these stories work, and briefly as follows:
  11. 11. THE LEGEND OF LEYLA and MECNUN(LAYLA and• Majnoon) Layla and Qays (Majnoon real name), the primary school years have been in love witheach other. Leylas mother a short time, the school that this love is spreading everywhere, and prohibits Kaysla conversation. Kays ruined the agony of separation among the people in Arabic the "crazy", meaning "Majnun," he began to be named. Leyla many people love to forget this because of the desert tells Mecnuna falling, but that his love for the universe and in no way give up now consists of Leyla. To get rid of this trouble for him in God even the grandfather takes the Kaaba, but on the contrary, heprays for his pain increased.
  12. 12. • Both the increasing cases of Leyla and Majnun. Leyla gets married someone else, make up a story to keep her husband away from her and after a while the man dies. During this time, and over the desert, a thousand and one kinds of Majnun’s pain. Becomes disconnected and only lives in the spirit of the wholeworld. Leylas body, including the relationship of all financial assets are exhausted. Layla Majnun in the desert one day finds him, but does not recognize him and "Leyla is in me,my, you are?" He says. Leyla, Mecnun’s reaches back to his house, and through Elevate the moments and Leyla passed away before long. Majnun, sobbing as she went to the tomb extends life and made ​him cry. The wailing prayers to the Creator to take his life, he wants Leyla. Prayer is considered, along with the heavens sounds, minstrel lover Majnun to Leyla regains ...
  13. 13. And the others name of love legends;• Kerem and Asli• Yusuf and Züleyha• Tahir and Zühre ……..
  14. 14. • Turks have been the subject of some historical monuments, legends stories. historic buildings remaining from past to present (buildings, palaces, etc.) is said to reflect some legends on various issues. The most well known legend in the Maidens Tower...(in İ stanbul)•
  15. 15. • There are two interesting legends of the tower in the middle of the Marmara Sea
  16. 16. ONE OF THEM;• One of them is a love story made ​ by Ovidius. The sad love of Hero and Leandros about two young people named in this story, Hero begins the separation of the tower. After the temple of Aphrodite, Hero is prohibited for love.Because she is a nun. Years later, in the temple of Aphrodite into a tower, and there to attend the ceremony meets Leandros .
  17. 17. • The two young lovers, with the arrival of the tower at night.Forbidden love of two young people each night Leanders Tower is a witness. Hero comes to the tower on a stormy day Leandros swam off the flashlight lit the fire of love. Leandros losing the path to the dark waters of the strait is buried. Hero who killed her lover leaves itself in the waters of the strait Maiden’s Tower…
  18. 18. We played the other one for you 
  19. 19. • Thank you for listening …