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Villar del Arzobispo


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Villar del Arzobispo

  1. 1. 05/10/2010 La Serranía is one of the most mountainous district in Valencia, the river Turia runs through Its very narrows gullies and gorges. It has spectacular and beautiful scenery. The geographic heart of the district is the Benagéber reservoir. In this district there are some of the highest mountains in Valencia . The preservation of one of the densest forest areas in Valencia (especially in some villages of the district: Aras de los Olmos, Titaguas, Tuéjar, Benagéber and Chelva). It´s a very extensive district, the second largest in Valencia . Becauseof the characteristics of this district It is easy to practise hiking, mountaineering, climbing, canoeing, cycling holidays, mountain biking … The cultural-artistic heritage is important in this district. In the Serrania there are two spas ( Chulilla and Verche), important attractions in gastronomy, and the region produces quality wines like Villar del Arzobispo and Pedralba wines. Villar del Arzobispo is a village in Valencia . Villar is in the Serrania district.
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  11. 11. 05/10/2010 Villar is 50 Km away from Valencia and is situated at 520m above sea level, in the left side of the river Turia. In the village it is possible to walk round the most typical areas which still maintain traditional and lovely streets and houses It's the most populated village in the district, with 3910 inhabitants. The economy is mainly based on mining, transport, services and the fresh foodsector. Crowning Villar is the Castellar hill, which is 690 metres above sea level. From the top you can appreciate fantastic views to the sea. The village has an ideal environment to practise nature and adventure sports and offers activities like riding, going paragliding, hang-gliding…
  12. 12. 05/10/2010 The most important « Fiesta » in Villar is the Carnival, that is celebrated the weekend before Lent. In 2010 the Carnival will be on the days 11, 12, 13 and 14 of February. If you want more information about the Villar carnival you can visit the Carnival web. On Friday night a Murgas competition takes place, Murgas are funny and satirical songs about important events that take placein the village during the year. Saturday is the most important day, when in the evening a colourful parade takes place, the Chinchoso burning and at night the Morca burning, preceded by a march of flame torches. The bands play all weekend
  13. 13. 05/10/2010 The school is situated in the outskirts of Villar village. There are 383 students who come from different smaller rural surrounding areas about 30 Km from Villar. 50% of our pupils come from other villages, by public transport. We also have in our school a some students with specific needs and disadvantaged families (drug problems, refugees, abandoned children, temporal tutorship, migrants, high risk of exclusion…) who live in a private institution “Granja escuela Luís Amigó, Epla”, and who are attended by specific professionals: psycologists, pedagogical therapists and social workers in our school. Minorities of emigrants in our school belong to countries such as; Romania (the vast majority), Morocco, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, England and Cameroon. We are located in a rural area with a high level of unemployement and the area is environmentally degradad because of mine extraction and explotation in the surrounding mountains.
  14. 14. 05/10/2010 The 383 students are organized in 19 groups. 217 students are doing Compulsory Mainstream Education and 94 are studying A-Levelsl. In First year there are 61 students organized in 3 groups. In Second there are 77 students organized in 3 groups In Third year there are 47 students organized in 2 groups In fourth year there are 32 students organized in 2 groups There are two groups of first year A-Level classes: one Humanities studies, with 37 students and the other one of Sciences with 19 students. There are two groups of Second year A-Level classes too: one of Humanities, with 16 students and the other one Sciences studies, with 20 students.
  15. 15. 05/10/2010 About Vocational training there are 71 students. In the gardening Initial Vocational Training course there are 8 students and in the same course for hairdresser´s there are 11 students. In the second course there are 14 students in total made up of gardening and hairdressing students There are two groups of business adminisration. There are 25 teachers from different Departments giving classes to students in vocational training and 49 teachers giving classes to all the students in our Institute.
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