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Presentación españa web

  1. 1. España es un país miembro de la Unión Europea. Su forma de gobierno es la monarquíaparlamentaria y su territorio está organizado en 17comunidades autónomas y dos ciudades autónomas.La capital es Madrid.Se encuentra situado en Europa Occidental. Tiene unaextensión de 504.645 Km2 y su población es de47.190.493 habitantesEspaña tiene un clima muy diverso a lo largo de todo suterritorio. Predomina el carácter mediterráneo en casitoda su geografía, temperaturas suaves, precipitacionesabundantes casi todo el año excepto en verano.Nosotros vivimos en Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz)Zahara de los Atunes is a village belonging to the town of Barbate.We are aproximately two thousand inhabitants in winter, but in summer the population canreach 30,000 - squeezed in like sardines in a can.We have many kilometers of long, near-virgin beaches, due in part to the fact that there isa lot of military terrain which may not be developed.They are protected areas, being part of the “La Breña” Natural Park.In some zones the pine forest reach down to the beach.
  2. 2. In the unmilitarized zones, apartments alternate with luxury chalets and in summer thepopulation explodes.Its a good job there’s a lot of beaches and you can always find a few meters of space tolay your towel.En Zahara de los Atunes there are good hotels and tourist complexes open mainly insummer.The “almadraba” is a traditional tuna-fishing method, dating back thousands of years to thephoenicians. Tunas of up to and over 500 kg are caught. Most of the catch is exported toJapan.There is a lot of sport fishing and traditional fishing arts, like “atarraya” are maintained.Submarine fishing is also practiced here.These marine products are the basis of our gastronomy, especially the tuna, which isprepared in many ways and supplies many preserving industries in
  3. 3. PROYECT COMENIUS: LETS REVEAL SECRETS OF EUROPEAN GARDENSThis year in Comenius proyect, we work with plants, flowers and gardensIn Zahara, we have mediterranean climate. Levante wind and coastal landscape made ita difficult place for some plantsIn Zahara, we have mediterranean climate. Levante wind and coastal landscape made it adifficult place for some plants. There are no interesting public gardens. Normally there aresmall places where people plant.Andalusian gardens are influenced by arabian culture, where colors and water are veryimportant. Córdoba and Sevilla have tipycal arabian gardens.In Andalucía there are tipycal indoors places with plants in the houses. These places havedirect sun light.Typical from Andalucía are: palms, olive trees, geranium and azahar flower (orange treeflower).
  4. 4. In Spain there are tipycal french gardens like “Palacio de la Granja” (Segovia) and“Aranjuez” (Madrid) gardens.Espero que sea una experiencia interesante pues tenemos ganas de trabajar en elproyectoBYE