A trip to botanical garden slovakia


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A trip to botanical garden slovakia

  1. 1. A trip to Botanical garden in Bratislava,Slovakia One day in spring our class 8A went to a trip in Bratislava. We visited Botanical garden. My feelings about it were very nice. I was by beauty of the nature. There were flowers, plants,trees and perfectly formed rocks. There were lakes full of water lilies and other plants. We could learn about different plants,flowers and trees because there was a notice which said some important thing next to them. I also liked greenhouses with tropical plants and flowers. Bianka, 8B class
  2. 2. One beautiful day we went to a trip in Bratislava. Our teacher told us we would visit a Botanical garden as well. I thought I wouldn´t like it but when we went further it was better. First we went along a path where we could see trees and shrubs. Some of them were very huge others were smaller but all of them were beautiful. Then we went over a bridge. There were beautiful flowers around it. It looked like in the heaven. There were very nice roses. Each type of roses had their names. One of the roses was called as my grandmother. Then we noticed a shelter with benches. It was allowed to eat there so we sat down and ate our packet lunches. I also enjoyed a large lake. There were flowers and fish. Finally,when we saw everything,we went to a place where we all met. It was a very nice trip. Laura, 8B class
  3. 3. One spring day our class went to a trip to Botanical garden in Bratislava. When we came there I was fascinated by ornamental shrubs that grew on the roadsides. There was a pleasant silence in the garden and we could only hear birds singing. The garden was huge and beautiful but I most liked roses and a lake. There was fresh scent in the air and dew glistined on the leaves. We relaxed in a beautiful wooden gardenhouse. Finally we went to the greenhouse where we saw different kinds of tropical plants. I can say that visiting Botanical garden was a nice experiment for me. Michaela, 8B class
  4. 4. When our class 5A went to an excursion to Bratislava, we visited a Botanical garden. I liked it very much especially fish in the lake. I also liked cactuses. They were so nice. Thomas, 5A class
  5. 5. Excursion to a garden During our Biology lesson my class went to see a garden in our surroundings. Mr.Filipek,the owner of the garden showed us everything what he grows in his garden. There were plants,vegetables,fruit trees and even a greenhouse with citrus plants. I liked everything because it was very nice,green and fresh. I would like to have the same garden when I grow up. Natalia, 3A class
  6. 6. A trip to our recreation centre Šaštín-Stráže Our form teacher told us we were going to a cottage in our recreation centre. Everybody was very happy. We went there on Friday afternoon,slept in the cottage,have breakfast and lunch at the restaurant,play games. The weather was very nice and we enjoyed our stay in the wood very much. We came home on Saturday evening. Our parents were waiting for us in front of our school. We were happy to see them again. Linda, 4B class