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Welcome to narni's didactic circle


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Presentation Narni primary school , in Italy

Published in: Education
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Welcome to narni's didactic circle

  1. 1. Welcome to Narni's didactic circle Via . Aurelio Saffi, 45 05035 Narni ( Terni) Italy 0039 0744715292 0039 0744 715265 - [email_address]
  2. 2. We are in Umbria Centre of Italy
  3. 3. Mrs. Mirella Ciminiis Headteacher
  4. 4. The administrative office is close to primary school “G and A. Garibaldi”
  5. 5. In our school there're two libraries for children
  6. 6. and for techers
  7. 7. computer's room meeting room projector room gymnasium science laboratory garden
  8. 8. Our Institute includes seven schools:three primary schools and four infant schools The schools are in different, distant districts; the town council gives to all pupils a school's bus service.
  9. 9. Our slogan is: “ A school to open the minds”
  10. 10. The pupils learn a lot of subject: Italian, Math, Geographic, History, Art, Image , Chatolic Religion, Science, T.I.C., English And gymnstic. All the class visit the computer room two hours in the week. Every years, the school start on sempember and finish on the second week of June. (only for the children, but not for the teachers, they has got one month to spend their holidays. Time table schools First cours The lessons start at 8,15 and finish at 13,15 from Monday, until Saturday Second cours start at 8,15 and finish at 16,15, the pupils has a break At 10.15; They 've the lunch at 12.15 and after they can play for one hour. In our school there 're ten classesfor 165 students. We've ten classes for pupils fron sex until ten years old